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STRS Proudly Graduates 65 Students!

At the Commencement exercizes on Saturday, May 16, 2015, sixty five students from the School of Theology and Religious Studies graduated with a wide range of degrees, both graduate and undergraduate: PhD, STD, DMin, STL, MCat, MA, MDiv, STB, MDiv/STB, and BA. This was the first year in which we had a graduate for the recently launched MCat, and our own students for the BA, also.


  • Msgr McPartlan at Catholic-Orthodox Meeting in Rome

    Msgr Paul McPartlan was in Rome, 24-27 June 2015, for a meeting of several members from each side of the international Catholic-Orthodox ecumenical dialogue to refine a draft text on primacy and synodality in the Church which was composed and considered at the plenary meeting of the dialogue in Amman, Jordan, in September 2014.

  • Dr. Charles B. Jones Participates in Study Tour in Northwest China

    Dr. Charles B. Jones joined 30 other scholars and students of Chinese Buddhism in a seminar and tour of Buddhist sites in Gansu Province, northwest China organized by the Woodenfish Foundation.

    Between June 7th and 12th, 2015, the group stayed in the city of Wuwei and held a seminar on the Nirvana Sutra, a seminal and highly influential Buddhist scripture that was first translated into Chinese in that locale in the early fifth century. Dr. Mark Blum of Berkeley, who has been engaged for many years in translating this sutra into English, led to sessions.

    From June 12th to the 17th, the group traveled to the Mogao Caves near Dunhuang, the site of over 700 caves carved into a long cliff face housing Buddhist statuary and murals dating from the mid-fourth century onward. It is also the site where, in a sealed storeroom opened in the early 20th century, a cache of documents was discovered dating back to the ninth century; these document changed many long-held beliefs about Chinese and Buddhist history.

    In addition to the Mogao Caves, the group toured several other sites as well, such as the 2000-year-old Han Dynasty Great Wall, the Han Tomb in Wuwei, the Yulin Caves (another site with Buddhist statuary and murals 180 km away form Dunhuang). The group also met with representatives of the Dunhuang Research Institute and the Dunhuang Foundation, and during a formal gathering Dr. Jones offered congratulatory remarks in Mandarin.

    Earlier, on May 8th and 9th, Dr. Jones attended a conference on the Chinese Buddhist Canon in Hangzhou. His paper, “Is a Dazangjing a Canon? On the Use of “Canon” with Regard to Chinese Buddhist Anthologies,” was submitted in English and Dr. Jones gave his presentation in Mandarin.

  • Dr. and Mrs. Grabowski Give talk at Bishops’ Plenary Session

    On June 11, 2015, Dr. John Grabowski and his wife, Claire, gave a presentation to the June Plenary session of the U.S. Bishops at their meeting in Saint Louis entitled, "The Beauty of the Church's Teaching on Marriage." The presentation considered the beauty of this teaching in Catholic theology and in their own experience as a married couple through the lenses of creation, covenant, sacrament, healing, and the call to holiness. It closed by pointing to the fuller elaboration of these notes provided by the Theology of the Body of St. John Paul II.

  • Fr Heil lectures at the University of St. Mary of the Lake

    On June 21-22, 2015 Fr Heil delivered three lectures on "Parables in Matthew" as part of the Summer Scripture Seminar sponsored by the Institute for Ongoing Formation at the University of St. Mary of the Lake in Mundelein, Illinois.

  • Msgr McPartlan Speaks on Primacy

    On 17 June 2015, Msgr Paul McPartlan gave a lecture entitled, 'The Bishop of Rome: Fresh Catholic Thinking and Possible Ways Forward', at the Orientale Lumen Conference held in Washington DC, the overall conference theme being 'The Bishop of Rome: Past, Present, Future'.

Recent Events

  • Dr. Machinist Presents Roland E Murphy Memorial Lecture

    On Monday, April 20th, the Biblical Studies Area hosted the annual Roland E. Murphy Memorial Lecture. Dr. Peter Machinist, Hancock Professor of Hebrew and Other Oriental Languages at Harvard University, presented the lecture “Achaemenid Persia as Spectacle: Greek and Biblical Reactions.” Dr. Machinist looked at the Achaemenid Persian empire of the first millennium BC as a pageant of power and authority. He focused on the reliefs of the main staircase to the Apadana in the main capital of Persepolis as well as the biblical book of Esther and the Greek drama, The Persians, by Aeschylus. Dr. Machinist explored all of these and the relationships among them in order to chart the impact that Achaemenid Persia had on the world in and around it as well as the Achaemenid impact in our own time.

  • CUA Awards Honorary Degree to Professor Joseph Weiler

    On Thursday, March 19, Professor Joseph H. H. Ph.D., was awarded the degree of Doctor of Theology, honoris causa, by President John Garvey. The ceremony took place in Caldwell Auditorium and was attended by faculty, staff and students. Professor Weiler delivered an address entitled, “Sanctity and Morality in the Public Square.” He is the Joseph Straus Professor of Law at New York University and President of the European University Institute in Florence. Professor Weiler is a leading expert on European constitutional law, a strong advocate for religious freedom and for recognition of the place of religion in human society, and a prominent figure in Jewish-Catholic relations. Photos of the event, please click the title. For a video of this event,please click here.

  • Dr. Russell Hittinger lecture

    On Tuesday, March 24th the Moral Theology/Ethics Area hosted its annual spring distinguished lecture.  Dr. Russell Hittinger, the William K. Warren Chair of Catholic Studies at the University  of Tulsa, presented the lecture "Natural Law and Public Discourse: The Legacies of Josef Ratzinger” to an audience of students, faculty, and guests of the University.  Dr. Hittinger examined the contributions of Josef Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI to the Catholic understanding of natural law over the course of his academic career and ministry of teaching and the way he (and Karol Wojtyla/Saint John Paul II) effected a significant "upgrade" of the Catholic understanding.

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Upcoming Events

  • Oct.
    Quasten Award 2015: Joseph P. Chinnici, O.F.M.
    The School of Theology and Religious Studies is pleased to announce that the recipient of this year’s prestigious Johannes Quasten Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Leadership in Religious Studies will be Joseph P. Chinnici, O.F.M.

Dean's Corner

A Message from STRS Acting Dean, Msgr. Paul McPartlan

Welcome to the website of CUA’s School of Theology and Religious Studies!  Whether you are a current student, a prospective applicant, or simply a visitor, I hope you will find here what you are looking for, and be excited to learn more about our great school and the opportunities it offers!


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