The Catholic University of America
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Minor in Theology and Religious Studies

The TRS Minor at CUA is a wonderful complement to another degree, providing a solid foundation in theology and religious studies.

To earn a minor, a CUA student completes TRS 201 as well as five more TRS courses at any level. This is only two more TRS courses than most CUA students are required to take.

TRS Minors are eligible for majors- and minors-only seminar-style courses.

TRS Minors with qualifying GPAs are also eligible for induction into TAK, the National Honor Society for Theology & Religious Studies.

Many of our Minors choose to complete the Certificate of Pastoral Ministry (CPM). Click here for more info.



Student Profile

RossBeing given the opportunity to learn how to work with others who are struggling, or thriving in their faith lives is a dream come true. Being a TRS minor allows you to learn and grow with others and teach them to properly about the religious studies you were taught. Thanks to the TRS department, I've been able to learn more about not just my faith life and religion but especially about other that give me the keen insight to grow as a person.

– Ross Boyle