The Catholic University of America
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Joyfully Catholic

Our School wholeheartedly embarks upon the search for truth in theology and religious studies that is supported by and in turn nourishes our University's Catholic identity. We trust in the complementarity of faith and reason, and the centrality of love, in our School's mission. Through the lens of faith seeking understadning we hope that all CUA students pursue the truth through theology and their other areas of study.

Catholic Liberal Arts Education

  • One of the hallmarks of a Catholic liberal arts education is inaugurating students into a quest for wisdom. In such a quest the knowledge achieved by each academic discipline plays an indispensable role. Theology enables a student to understand how these various parts constitute a whole, on the basis of reason enlightened by faith.

BA Program

  • Our majors in TRS are firmly rooted in the Catholic tradition while attending to other traditions as well as the social scientific study of religion. Our students joyful appreciation of the wisdom of the Catholic tradition is combined with the warm embrace of wisdom to be gleaned from other traditions.


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"You can't fake joy. That's what we must share. With full knowledge of the Cross, which is the reality of the human condition, joy will resonate. But the victory, oh the sweet victory! If we can communicate the Resurrection, if we can be seen as Easter people."

-Cardinal Timothy Dolan