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Frontiers of Neuroscience: Charting the Complexities of Our Brains

 In this series of short films, neuroscientists Huda Zoghbi (Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital) and William Newsome (Stanford University) discuss some of the latest research at the forefront of their field.



A Closer Look: Caring for the Health of Your Brain with Huda Zoghbi

A Closer Look: Synthetics Brains with William Newsome


Ecclesial Families: Catholic/Orthodox, Evangelical/Conservative Protestant, Jewish, Mainline Protestant
Core Curriculum Course Categories: Ethics, General Theology, Pastoral Theology
Science Topics: Neuroscience, Brain, & Mind

Science for SeminariesScience: The Wide Angle

Photo Credit:

[1]courtesy of Massachusetts General Hospital and Draper Labs
[3]Viviano Codazzi
[4]Gregor Reisch