The Catholic University of America

Biblical Studies

Goals of the Academic Area

     The Biblical Studies program is designed to provide men and women with the training necessary for effective teaching, research, and publication in the biblical field. The main emphasis is placed on control of biblical languages and exegesis. Since the biblical text is the product of religious thought and culture that evolved over many centuries, the student also will be directed to advanced work in theological areas related to critical study of the Bible. Courses appropriate to the student's development in theological thought and methodology, offered in other academic units in the School, will be taken concomitantly with the formal requirements of the program.





Christopher Begg
John Paul Heil

Associate Professors
Robert Miller, Area director
David Bosworth, Ian Boxall

Assistant Professors
Bradley C. Gregory
Hellen Mardaga

Visiting Assistant Professor
Nathan LaMontagne

Professors Emeriti
Joseph Jensen
Alexander DiLella
Joseph Fitzmyer
Frank Matera
Francis J. Moloney