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  Master of Catechesis - Online

Overview of Program Requirements

Distance learning is a new venture at The Catholic University of America.  Students from all over the country are able to earn a Master of Catechesis degree online.  A full-time student takes one course each semester throughout the academic year and two courses during the summer term.  In addition, students spend one week each summer on campus in Washington, D.C.  During the residency students have an opportunity to meet with professors, participate in lectures and presentations by experts in the field of catechesis, and tour the District of Columbia.

The Master of Catechesis degree (MCat) on campus program is conducted online with faculty from the School of Theology and Religious Studies. The total cumulative course work required is equivalent to 30 credit hours.

Required Courses (30 Credit Hours)

Students take courses year-round: one course each semester (Fall and Spring) and two courses during the summer term.

Summer 2014

  • The New Evangelization and Catechesis
  • Forming a Moral Person

Internship (6 Credit Hours)

    Students earn 6 credits doing a special project in their present ministry.  They are placed at a location geographically convenient for them and negotiate with the three parties involved: the director of the MCat degree at CUA, the ministry site supervisor, and the student.  This is an opportunity for students to further ministry skills and develop a new program for their ministry

  • Continuation of present ministry with a focus on a particular project
  • Supervised ministry for students not actively involved in pastoral ministry (location to collaboratively be determined)

Opportunities for Spiritual Growth During Residency

  • Daily liturgical prayer opportunities
  • Lectures and presentation

Technical Support

    • Courses take place through Blackboard
    • CUA technology personnel are available at the "Help Desk" to assist students with technology issues

Orientation Module

Students participate in a one-week Orientation Module before the course begins to become familiar with Blackboard and its many functions.


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