The Catholic University of America

 Advising Aid for Honors Program

University Honors Program TRS Course Equivalents

Progression for CUA students in a degree program requiring 4 TRS courses

Progression for UHP Students electing the Tradition and Renewal in Contemporary Catholicism Honors Sequence

TRS 201 Faith Seeking Understanding

HTSR 201 (Honors) Faith Seeking Understanding


HSTR 101   God’s Word in Human Words

Any TRS level course

HSTR 102   Liturgy and the Christian Life

Any TRS level course

 HSTR 203 

The Church: Community and Institution

Any TRS level course

 HSTR 204 

The Church in Dialogue with Contemporary Culture


The following interdisciplinary courses can also fulfill a TRS requirement:

                HSEV 102 God, Ethics, and the Environment = TRS 385 Religion and Ecology

HSHU 101 Jesus to Muhammad = TRS 322 Christian Beginnings only for UHP students that are "triple-trackers," completing three of the program's sequences. HSHU 101 does not fulfill TRS requirements for a minor in Theology and Religious Studies.