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 Bachelor of Arts in Theology & Religious Studies

The School of Theology and Religious Studies offers programs that lead to the Bachelor of Arts degree in theology and religious studies through the School of Arts and Sciences. Theology and Religious Studies majors can pursue a B.A. degree by taking 12 three-credit courses in their field. The curriculum ensures a broad coverage of basic academic areas but also allows for a certain degree of concentration in one of the following sub-disciplines:

Biblical Studies
Church History
Moral Theology
Liturgy and Sacraments
Pastoral Ministry
Catechetics and Religious Education
Historical/Systematic Theology
Religious Studies

Since these concentrations share common goals-acquiring knowledge, increasing understanding, developing critical thinking, and improving communication skills-all TRS majors take a capstone seminar in the fall semester of their senior year in order to integrate their course work and explore its implications. There is also a comprehensive exam to be taken in the spring semester of that final year.

Curriculum for Theology and Religious Studies Majors


Major Requirements for students enrolled Fall 2013 and prior

Major Requirements
for students enrolled
Fall 2013 forward

12 courses

12 courses


201: Faith Seeking Understanding

201: Faith Seeking Understanding

465: Intro to Theology

465: Christian Doctrine I

485: Intro to Religious Studies

466: Christian Doctrine II

8 electives: includes

1 Scripture- any level
1 Moral- any level
1 Liturgy/Sacrament- any level


7 electives

1 Scripture- any level
1 Moral- any level
1 Liturgy/Sacrament- any level

495: Capstone Seminar

485: Intro to Religious Studies

Comprehensive Exams

497: Capstone Seminar


Comprehensive Exams


Highly Recommended:

491- Theology of World Religions

401- Communication of the Christian Faith


The course numbering system for TRS courses does not reflect the degree of difficulty or imply a sequence of study but, rather, indicate the focus of the course and the subdiscipline within the fields of Theology & Religious Studies.

200-level courses – Provide a broad introduction to a subdiscipline within Theology and Religious Studies

300-level courses -- A focused study of a specific topic within a subdiscipline (lecture).                  

400-level courses are similar to 300-level courses in that they are the focused study of a Special Topic within a sub-discipline but taught in seminar format (12-15 students). Enrollment is controlled to ensure only those students that have an interest in the topic will take part in the seminar. TRS majors and minors have priority placement in Special Topics courses.

With the exception of TRS 201, the second digit in a TRS course number designates the subdiscipline.

Second Digit




Old Testament

TRS 200 Introduction to Old Testament


New Testament

TRS 312 The Letters of Paul


Church History

TRS 325 American Catholicism Since 1945


Moral Theology & Ethics

TRS 330 The Church and Social Issues


Liturgy & Sacraments

TRS 240 Christian Liturgy, Prayer, Sacrament


Pastoral Ministry/Spirituality

TRS 251 Dynamics of Christian Spirituality

6 or 7

Systematic Theology

TRS 363 Jesus the Christ


Religious Studies

TRS 282 Religion and Public Policy


World Religions

TRS 290 Introduction to World Religions