The Catholic University of America

Courses taught by Stefanos Alexopoulos

TRS 240:  Christian Liturgy Prayer

The course is an introduction to the fundamentals of Christian liturgy, including the meaning of
assembly, ritual symbol and gesture, proclamation of Sacred Scripture, and blessing prayers in
the context of relating liturgy to life.

TRS 640: Foundations of Liturgy and Sacramental Theology

This overview and systematic study of constitutive elements of liturgical rites and sacramental theology analyzes the historical developments which facilitate understanding the contemporary praxis. This process demonstrates the relationship between lex orandi and lex credendi. Should be taken before any other course in sacraments or liturgy.

TRS 742A: The Liturgical Year

This course will examine the liturgical theology of the annual celebration of major feasts and
seasons of the church year in history and in the present reform with attention to ecumenical
comparisons as well as to catechesis, spirituality, and pastoral practice.

TRS 843A: Constantinople: The City and Its Liturgy

An analysis of the history of the Byzantine Rite up to present times in its context, the city of Constantinople and its cathedral, Hagia Sophia. Documents examined include the so-called Typikon of the Great Church, The Typikon of Evergetis Monastery, The Book of Ceremonies, and a selection of Byzantine liturgical commentaries. Attention will be placed on the interaction between ritual celebration, liturgical setting (architecture, iconography, city plan) and mystagogy. Sources will be read in the original Greek.