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 Courses taught by Regis Armstrong


We have nothing else to do but to follow the will of the Lord and to please Him.

Earlier Rule St. Francis XXII 5

TRS 251 The Dynamics of Christian Spirituality

Critically examines themes in Christian spirituality. Special attention will be given to love as it pertains to various human practices, experiences, and ideals, including friendship, family, sexuality, liturgy, and mystical experiences. Includes studies of classic texts.

TRS 356 Francis of Assisi: Prophet of Peace and of Creation

In the pursuit of peace and the preservation of the environment, Francis of Assisi is universally proposed as a patron, intercessor, and model. In addition to examining the life of Francis and the struggles of his times, this course will examine in depth the portrait of Francis written by St. Bonaventure, who understood Francis to be a model of every Christian called to be an instrument of peace and a catalyst in respecting creation.

TRS 376 Mary, Mother of God & Mother of the Church

This course will discuss the place of Mary in Christian doctrine and devotion across the centuries.

TRS 650A Introduction to History of Christian Spirituality

A consideration of Christian spirituality both as a lived experience and as an academic discipline. Focuses on the major figures and movements in the history of Christian spirituality. A number of texts by these figures will be studied, including some from the Protestant tradition.

TRS 650D Writings of Francis and Clare

no description available

TRS 750A Classic in Christian Spirituality

Critical reading and discussion of classic texts from the second to the thirteenth centuries. Included will be works by such authors as some of the Apostolic Fathers, early monastic authors, Origen, Gregory of Nyssa, Pseudo-Dionysius, Augustine, Hildegard of Bingen, and Francis and Clare of Assisi.

TRS 750B Classic in Christian Spirituality

Similar in format to Classics I, this course focuses on the classic texts in Western Christian spirituality from the fourteenth to the twentieth centuries. Included will be works by such authors as Eckhart, Ruusbroec, Julian of Norwich, Martin Luther, Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Ignatius of Loyola, John Wesley, Jonathan Edwards, Therese of Lisieux, and Thomas Merton.

TRS 754 Mystical Theology

An introduction to the study of mysticism. Issues include the relationship of mystical experience and doctrine, the cross-cultural study of mysticism, and an analysis of various philosophical, theological, natural, and social scientific methods employed in the study of mysticism.

TRS 859 Methods in Spirituality

This seminar will examine the recent discussions about definitions of, approaches to, and the teaching of Christian spirituality. Participants will be expected to write and present a major seminar paper from one of the major perspectives on spirituality proposed by contemporary scholars and to participate actively in presentations by other students.