The Catholic University of America

 Courses taught by Christopher Begg

TRS 200 Introduction to the New Testament (undergraduate)

A one credit course for any student interested in becoming a Theology and Religious Studies major. Required for those planning to major in Theology and Religious Studies. Introduces students to the differences between Religious Studies and Theology and explores the many disciplines used within both fields. Will also examine the role of such study in preparing for pastoral ministry.

TRS 501 Theological German

Involves in-class translations, by the students, of German texts in the various areas of theology. A basic knowledge of German grammar is presupposed.  (Previously THEO 504)

TRS 504A Introduction to the Old Testament (graduate)

This course will introduce students to the Old Testament and will explore its most significant theological concepts as well as follow up the complex process of its history of composition.

TRS 602 The Psalms

Survey of the nature of Hebrew poetry, the titles of the Psalms, application of the form-critical and redaction-critical approaches to the Psalter and the Psalms in prayer and preaching. The focus of the course is a detailed study of selected representative psalms.

TRS 603 Prophecy in Israel

Presents general background information on the phenomenon of prophecy and then focuses on a more detailed study of selected prophetic books.

TRS 703A Three Covenants of Israel

The course begins with remarks on the treaty-texts of the Ancient Near East as a background for the covenantal material in the Old Testament. It then offers a detailed study of three key biblical covenants, i.e. those with Noah (Genesis 9), Abraham (Genesis 15 and 17) and with Israel at Sinai (Exodus 19-34).

TRS 704 Apocalyptic Literature

Orientation to the apocalyptic phenomenon and detailed study of selected apocalyptic texts.

TRS 802A The Deuteronomistic History (doctoral seminar)

Involves an intensive examination of, as well as an attempt to evaluate, the major theories concerning the composition history of the deuteronomistic history from Noth (1943) to the present. Prerequisites: Hebrew, Greek.

TRS 802B The Chronistic History (doctoral seminar)

Following an opening survey of contemporary questions in the study of the Chronistic History, concentrates on a detailed study of selected texts in the parallel material of Chronicles and the Deuteronomistic History with a view to discerning how and why the Chronist adapts the latter work as he does. Prerequisite: Hebrew.