The Catholic University of America

Courses taught by Dr. Born

TRS 201: Faith Seeking Understanding

An introductory course in theology that provides a glimpse into the science of the study of God through the exploration of the thought of selected theologians and scripture. Students will learn how to read and interpret various genres of theological texts from different historical eras'including the Old Testament, the New Testament, the early Church, the Middle Ages, the Reformation era, the period of the Second Vatican Council, and the present time. By engaging these texts through discussion, research, and writing, students will gain an introductory grasp of the academic discipline of theology.

TRS 240: Christian Liturgy, Prayer, and Sacrament

Introduction to the fundamentals of Christian Liturgy, including the meaning of assembly, ritual, symbol and gesture, proclamation of scripture and blessing prayers as central to liturgical celebration, and the relationship of liturgy to life.

TRS 280: The Religious Quest

This course will introduce students to the basic questions that underlie all religions and the quest for human meaning. It will then examine the methods by which one can come to understand a religion or set of practices that are not one's own. The contributions of the social sciences, and the theological issues raised by studying non-Christian traditions will be covered.

TRS 388: Religion and Sports

TRS 550: Teaching & Learning in Theology and Religious Studies

This course will introduce theology/religious studies students to effective teaching practices. It will provide practical suggestions for planning, conducting and evaluating instruction. Finally, this course is intended to foster insight into the relationship between theory and practice through interaction with resource persons and observation experiences.