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The Story within a Story in Biblical Hebrew Narrative

(Catholic Biblical Quarterly Monograph Series. Washington, DC: 2008)

David Bosworth

 Recent articles published 

“The Tears of God in the Book of Jeremiah,” Biblica, 94 (2013) 24-46. 

“Daughter Zion and Weeping in Lamentations 1–2,” Journal for the Study of the Old Testament, 38 (2013) 217-37.

"The Former Prophets," The Bible Today 51 (July/August 2013) 205-211.

“Faith and Resilience: King David’s Reaction to the Death of Bathsheba’s Firstborn.” The Catholic Biblical Quarterly 73. (2011) 691-707.

‘David Comforted Bathsheba’ (2 Sam 12:24): Gender and Parental Bereavement” was published in Seitenblicke. Litararische und historische Studien zu Nebenfiguren im zweiten Samuelbuch (ed. Walter Dietrich; Orbis et Orientalis 249; Vandenhoek and Ruprecht: Göttingen, 2011) 238-55.

“David, Jether, and Child Soldiers.” Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 36 (2011) 185-97.

"'You Have Shed Much Blood and Waged Great Wars': Killing, bloodguilt and Combat Stress." Journal for Religion, Disability and Health (2008).

"Teaching Creation as a Case Study." The Journal for Teaching Theology and Religion, 10 (2007) 231-234.

"American Crusade: Religious Roots of the War on Terror." Barry Law Review 7 (2006) 65-108.

"Evaluating King David: Old Problems and Recent Scholarship," The Catholic Biblical Quarterly 68 (2006) 191-210.