The Catholic University of America

 Courses taught by David Bosworth

TRS 200: Introduction to the Old Testament

In introduction to the books and theologies of the Old Testament including methods for interpreting Scripture in light of the Second Vatican Council’s Decree on Divine Revelation.

TRS 306; War and Violence in the Old Testament

An examination of biblical passages involving war and interpersonal violence. Includes a study of the moral critique of Scripture, how interpreters have responded to this critique, and the wider analogous issue of violence in the media. Prerequisites: Any one of the following courses: HSTR 101, TRS 200, 201, or 210.

TRS 601: The Pentateuch

Examines the literatures and theologies of the first five books of the Bible.

TRS 602: The Psalms

A study of the book of Psalms and its use in worship and liturgy. Includes detailed study of selected psalms.

TRS 802F: 1 and 2 Samuel

A close study of the Books of Samuel with particular attention to the relationships among textual criticism, source analysis, redaction criticism, and narrative approaches. The course will include readings on King David and the archeology and historiography of the 10th century.

TRS 805A: Theology and Exegesis I Isaiah

Historical background of the period; treatment of major themes of the teaching of Isaiah; special attention to disputed questions of his relationship to Davidic, Zion, and holy-war traditions and to the wisdom movement; detailed exegesis of selected passages. Prerequisites: Hebrew, Greek.

TRS 806B: The Book of Job

A study of the book of Job including its place in Scripture and in the international tradition of ancient wisdom literature. Close analysis of selected passages and discussion of textual and philological methods.