The Catholic University of America

Courses taught by Mark Clark

TRS 220: The Church through the Ages: from Paul to Luther (undergraduate class)

This course will examine the history of Christianity from the Apostolic Age to the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. Seven major themes will be considered: Christian identity in the Roman world; the emergence of orthodoxy and heresy; conciliar debate and the flowering of monasticism; spiritual reflection in the late antique West; the making of Christian Europe; the reforming spirit; and the Christian intellectual life.

TRS 251: The Dynamics of Christian Spirituality

Critically examines themes in Christian spirituality. Special attention will be given to love as it pertains to various human practices, experiences, and ideals, including friendship, family, sexuality, liturgy, and mystical experiences. Includes studies of classic texts.

TRS 465: Christian Theology I

Christian Theology I & II provide an in-depth examination of central Christian teachings attentive to historical development and systematic coherence.  Christian Theology I will treat Trinity, Creation, Fall and Christology

TRS 621: The History of Reformation

Examines current scholarship on such topics as the state of religion on the eve of the Reformation, Luther, the Peasants' War, diffusion of Reformation ideas (printing, sermons, art, etc.), Reformation in German cities, origins of Anabaptism, Calvin, evangelism in Italy, role of civil government in the English Reformation, women, Jews, witch-craze, confessionalization, and the effects of the Reformation.TRS 621: Early and Modern Church History

TRS 754J: Tweflth-Century Mystical Theology

This course will be a survey of and introduction to the most important mystical works and thinkers of the twelfth century, from the Cistercians (Bernard of Clairvaux, William of St. Thierry, Aelred of Rievaulx) to the visionaries (Hildegard of Bingen, Joachim of Fiore, etc.) to the Victorines (Hugh and Richard of St. Victor). Reading important works of each, we shall situate their thought in the context of the tremendous renewal that characterized twelfth-century life and institutions.

TRS 762: Victorine Theology

This course will be a survey of and introduction to one or more of the multi-faceted theological projects of the Victorines (Andrew, Hugh, Richard, etc.): biblical; mystical; systematic. We will choose one or more of the principal works of the Victorine theologians to study closely, situating their work within the broader context of the rapidly-evolving theology of the twelfth century.

TRS 820: Augustine in the Middle Ages: Augustine and Twelfth-Century Spirituality

TRS 823: Bernard and the New Monasticism


TRS 823G: The Evangelical Awakening of the Twelfth Century

TRS 824: The Glossa ordinaria as Textbook in Peter Comestor’s Lectures on the Glossed Gospels.

This course will be an in-depth study of the biblical Glossa ordinaria. We shall focus on some book, some thinker, or some theme that illumines the great twelfth-century historical/theological project that produced multiple editions of the Gloss.