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Thomas Clemmons, Ph.D. 
– Assistant Professor of Church History


 Thomas Clemmons, a native of South Florida, is assistant professor of theology in Church History.  Dr. Clemmons joined the STRS faculty in 2016 after completing his Ph.D. in the History of Christianity from Notre Dame, where he focused on Latin Patristics, early medieval theology, and Augustine.  He also holds an MA in Early Christianity from Notre Dame and an MTS from Vanderbilt.  Dr. Clemmons’s teaching and research interest focus on Latin Patristics, Augustine, particularly his thought through the Confessions and his anti-Manichaean works, Late Antiquity, especially in North Africa, and the medieval reception of Augustine.


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Contact Information

Phone: 202-319-5803

Areas of Expertise

  • Latin Patristics

  • Augustine


HSTR 101: God's Word in Human Words

TRS 368: Christianity and Capitalism 



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