The Catholic University of America

 Courses taught by John Galvin

TRS 363 Jesus as the Christ: Contemporary Perspectives

The question of the "historical Jesus." Origin and meaning of belief in Jesus's resurrection. The christological process in the New Testament, classical dogma, and contemporary challenges.

TRS 660 History and Method in Theology

Historical survey outlining the development and differences of the basic categories, methods, criteria, and notions of theology throughout the history of Christian thought.

TRS 667A Christology

A historical and systematic study of the person and work of Jesus Christ as object and foundation of Christian faith.

TRS 769D Two Contemporary Christologies

A study of the recent Christological writings of Roger Haight and Raymund Schwager.

TRS 770C Theology of Karl Rahner

Examines the theological method and basic ideas of Karl Rahner (1904-1984). Particular attention to his metaphysics of knowledge and transcendental anthropology as well as to his teachings on God, Christ, church, sacraments, and eschatology.