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 Publications by John Grabowski


Sex and Virtue: An Introduction to Sexual Ethics Catholic University Press, 2003


Articles in Books

"Contraception, Sterilization, and Abortion and the Ethical and Religious Directives," in Moral Issues in Catholic Health Care, Kevin T. McMahon, ed. (Wynnewood, PA: St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, 2004), 68-92.

"Natural Family Planning and Marital Spirituality," in Integrating Faith and Science through Natural Family Planning, Richard J. Fehring and Theresa Notare, eds. (Milwaukee: Marquette University Press, 2004), 29-45.

"Foreword" in Pope John Paul II, Theology of the Body (Boston: Daughters of St. Paul, 1997), 19-24.

Select On-line Publications

"The Theology of the Body according to Pope John Paul II" is Published on the U.S.C.C.B.'s "For Your Marriage website at (Posted September 2008).

"Marriage as a Unitive and Procreative Partnership" is Published on the U.S.C.C.B. website at November 2005).

Research Articles

"Called to Holiness: Spirituality for Families in the Light of Ecclesia in America," Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture, 5, no. 4 (Fall 2002): 75-95.

"The New Reproductive Technologies: An Overview and Theological Assessment." The Linacre Quarterly 69 (2002): 100-19.

"Public Moral Discourse on Abortion: The Contribution of Theology," The Irish Theological Quarterly 64 (1999): 361-377.

"A Theological Analysis of Cloning," Homiletic and Pastoral Review 98, No. 9 (Spring 1998): 16-21; rpt. Ethics and Medicine 18, no. 3 (1998): 69-72.

"Mutual Submission and Trinitarian Self-Giving." Angelicum 74 (1997): 489-512.

"Rival Personalisms in 20th Century Catholic Sexual Ethics." Studia Moralia 35 (1997): 283-312.

"Conceptualism and Consequences: The Legacy of Locke's Essay." Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses 25 (1996): 273-85.

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"Covenantal Sexuality." Église et Théologie 27 (1996): 229-52.

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"Shooting Abortionists and the Death of the Pro-Life Ideal." New Theology Review 9 (1996): 33-40.

"Clerical Sexual Abuse and Early Traditions regarding the Sixth Commandment." The Jurist 55 (1995): 527-91.

"Newton, Hume and the Ethics of the Closed System." The Irish Theological Quarterly 61 (1995): 138-58.

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"Catholic Social and Sexual Ethics: Inconsistent or Organic?"  With Michael Naughton. The Thomist 57 (1993): 555-78.