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Sexuality: A Catholic Perspective

Dove Communications, 1987

Brian V. Johnstone


  • CUA. “'Objectivism,' 'Basic Human Goods,' and 'Proportionalism:' An Interpretation of the Contemporary History of Moral Theology,” Studia Moralia 43 (2005) 89-118.73.  
  • AA “What is Tradition: From Pre-modern to Postmodern.” Australian EJournal of Theology 5 ( 2005) 1-45.
  • AA. “Intrinsically Evil Acts,” Studia Moralia 43 (2005) 379-406.
  • “The Human Embryo: Person and the Gift.” In Life and Learning. Proceedings of the Seventeenth University Faculty for Life conference at Villanova University 2007, ed. Joseph W. Koterski, S.J. (Washington, D.C.: University Faculty for Life, 2007) 489-505.
  • “Christian Faith in Redemption: Source of Moral Attitude.”  Journal of Law, Philosophy, and Culture, 3:1 (Spring, 2009) 421-428. 
  • “What Does it Mean to be a Person.” Studia Moralia 48 (2010) 125-14

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