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Robert Miller II, O.F.S., Ph.D.   
– Associate Professor of Old Testament




Robert D. Miller II is a Secular Franciscan with a PhD in Hebrew Bible from the University of Michigan. His books, Chieftains of the Highland Clans: A History of Israel in the 12th and 11th Centuries BC (2005), Oral Tradition in Ancient Israel (2011), and related articles made him a recognized authority on Early Israel. He is also greatly interested in Biblical Theology, having organized several conferences on the subject, edited the volume, Syriac and Antiochian Exegesis and Biblical Theology for the 3rd Millennium (2008), and attempted a critical biblical theology in Covenant and Grace in the Old Testament: Assyrian Propaganda and Israelite Faith (2012). Dr. Miller has also worked in the interface of science and theology as one of the recipients of two major grants, Religion and Science in Pastoral Ministry ( and Science for Seminarians ( He is also active in Jewish-Christian and Muslim-Christian dialogue at the local and international levels. Dr. Miller is a former member of the Board of Trustees of the American Schools of Oriental Research and serves on the Board of Control of the New American Bible for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.


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Phone: 202-319-6702
Fax: 202-319-5704

Areas of Expertise

  • The History and archeology of ancient Israel/Palestine

  • The Bible and Theology

  • Anthropological methods, especially dealing with orality, myth, culture

  • The ancient Near Eastern influences that have shaped the development of the Old Testament

  • The book of Judges

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TRS 201 Introduction to the Old Testament

TRS 301 Introduction to Biblical Archeology

TRS 303 Creation in the Old Testament and Ancient Near East

TRS 603 Old Testament Prophecy

TRS 804C The Psalms



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