The Catholic University of America

Full-time Faculty and Program Directors

The professors in the School of Theology and Religious Studies are first and foremost highly effective teachers who bring a wealth of knowledge and professional experience to the classroom. They also are devoted to guiding and supporting students in taking practical steps toward launching successful theologically-related careers.  They are mentors, researchers, respected intellectuals, and experienced leaders in their fields.

Rev. Stefanos Alexopoulos

Liturgical Studies/
Sacramental Theology

Rev. Regis Armstrong

  Historical and Systematic Theology

William Barbieri

Religion and Culture, Moral Theology and Ethics


Rev. Christopher Begg

Biblical Studies 

Joshua C. Benson

Spirituality Area Director
Historical and Systematic Theology

Christopher J. Born

 Teaching & Learning Program Director,
Religion and Culture

David Bosworth

Biblical Studies

Ian Boxall
Biblical Studies


Joseph Capizzi

Moral Theology & Ethics

Mark Clark

Church History, Historical and Systematic Theology

Rev. Msgr. Michael Clay
Pastoral Studies Area Director   

Rev. Richard Delillio

Pastoral Studies

William Dinges

Religion and Culture Area Director
, Church History



Rev. John T. Ford

Historical and Systematic Theology, Pastoral Studies, Religion and Culture


Rev. John P. Galvin

Historical and Systematic Theology


John S. Grabowski
Moral Theology and Ethics, Historical and Systematic Theology


Bradley C. Gregory
Biblical Studies



Rev. John Paul Heil
Biblical Studies



Rev. Msgr. Kevin W. Irwin

Liturgical Studies/ Sacramental Theology, Historical and Systematic Theology



Charles B. Jones
Religion and Culture



  Rev. Emanuel Magro


 Very Rev. Mark Morozowich
Liturgical Studies/ Sacramental Theology, Historical and Systematic Theology


Christopher Ruddy
Historical and Systematic Theology



 Paul Scherz
Moral Theology/Ethics



 Rev. Dominic Serra
Liturgical Studies/ Sacramental Theology Area Director


  Rev. Raymond Studzinski
Pastoral Studies, Spirituality, Religion and Culture




 Wilhelmus       Valkenberg
Religion and Culture, Historical and Systematic Theology

Susan Wessel

Susan Wessel
Church History Area Director, Historical and Systematic Theology


Rev. Michael G. Witczak
Liturgical Studies/ Systematic Theology

 Robin Darling Young