The Catholic University of America

 Courses taught by Margaret Mary Kelleher

HSTR 102: Liturgy and the Christian Life

An examination of the relationship between liturgy and the Christian life. The course will consider such topics as the ecclesial and ritual nature of liturgy, the sacramental roots of the Christian life, the role of scripture in the liturgy, and liturgy as a cultural reality.

TRS 341: Sickness, Death, and Christian Ritual

A liturgical theological study of "Pastoral Care of the Sick: Rites of Anointing and Viaticum" and the "Order of Christian Funerals" as well as an exploration of customs such as pilgrimage to shrines associated with healing and ritual practices accompanying death.

TRS 342: Sacraments of Initiation

A historical theological study of the present Rites of Initiation, particularly the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. Selected pastoral questions connected with initiation will also be considered.

TRS 343: Christian Feasts and Devotions

An exploration of the origin, development, and significance of feasts, seasons, and devotions in the life of the Christian community. Sunday observances, Easter and Lent, Christmas and Advent, devotion to the saints, Marian devotions, and Eucharistic devotions.

TRS 741B: Liturgy and Culture

An investigation of the relationship between liturgy and culture from anthropological and theological perspectives. Topics include contemporary notions of culture, symbols, and rituals as mediators of culture, liturgy as the symbolic, ritual action of local churches, issues which have emerged in the reception of Vatican II.

TRS 741C: The Ritual Event

Ritual is a central category for the study of religion, culture, and worship.  In this course we will explore a variety of theories for understanding the nature of ritual action.  We will also study several approaches to interpreting the ritual event.

TRS 840: Liturgical Theology

A review and critique of representative twentieth-century attempts to recover the classic dictum lex orandi, lex credendi in light of its earliest formulation and use in mystagogy and theology. Proposals for how to reshape liturgical theology as a major component of liturgical sacramental method and sacramental catechesis.

TRS 842A: Interpreting the Ritual Event

In this seminar the work of selected ritual theorists will be used to explore various approaches to interpreting ritual events. The approaches can be useful in the study of liturgy or other religious rituals. Students will be expected to produce a research paper of 25-35 pages and to present their papers in the seminar.