The Catholic University of America

Courses taught by Dr. Loewe include:

TRS 261: Enduring Questions in Catholic Theology

TRS 363 Jesus as the Christ: Contemporary Perspectives

The question of the "historical Jesus." OrigIn and meaning of belief in Jesus's resurrection. The christological process in the New Testament, classical dogma, and contemporary challenges. Prerequisites: Any TRS or HSTR 200-level course.

TRS 660 History and Method in Theology

Historical survey outlining the development and differences of the basic categories, methods, criteria, and notions of theology throughout the history of Christian thought.

TRS 667A Christology

A historical and systematic study of the person and work of Jesus Christ as object and foundation of Christian faith.

TRS 763A Soteriology

The soteriological theme: Christ's "work" and its effect. Scriptural data and patristic elaboration of biblical imagery. Anselm, satisfaction, and the Thomist synthesis. The modern problematic, Lonergan, and the Law of the Cross.

TRS 771 The Theology of Bernard Lonergan

Lonergan's understanding of the contemporary theological task, the non-foundationalist foundations on which the performance of that task rests, and the collaborative mtethod those foundations generate.

TRS 867A Chalcedon: Classical Dogma and Contemporary Interpretation

Emergence of the Christological formula of the Council of Chalcedon in its historical context. Contemporary hermeneutical issues and a conflict of interpretations among such authors as K. Rahner, P. Schoonenberg, R. Haight, B. Lonergan.

TRS 867D Aquinas on the Incarnation and Passion of Christ

The "Life of Jesus" in the Summa Theologica of Thomas Aquinas. An investigation of the Pars Tertia focused on what "Christ did and suffered."