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Rev Nicholas Lombardo OP. Ph.D. 
– Associate Professor 
– Area Director, Historical & Systematic Theology


Nicholas Lombardo, OP, is Associate Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge in 2010 and came to The Catholic University of America in the fall of 2011. He has spent time as a visiting fellow at the University of Fribourg (2010-11) and Durham University (2014).


His research has been particularly focused on Aquinas’s philosophy and theology of the emotions; theology of redemption; creation, evolution, and human origins; boredom and modern culture; and the emerging field of analytic theology.





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Contact Information

Phone: 202-319-4353
Fax: 202-319-5704

Areas of Expertise

  • Theology of God

  • Theology of Redemption

  • Theological Anthropology

  • Creation, Evolution, and Human Origins

  • Philosophy of Religion

  • Analytic Theology

  • Thomas Aquinas

Latest Publications



HSTR 101 - God’s Word in Human Words

HSTR 203 - The Church: Community and Institution

TRS 201 - Faith Seeking Understanding

TRS 460 - Special Topics in Theology (Theology of the Emotions)

TRS 661 - Christian Anthropology

TRS 666 - Theology of God

TRS 761F - Thomas Aquinas on the Triune God

TRS 761G - Thomas Aquinas on the Emotions

TRS 763D - Original Sin

TRS 772 - Aquinas and Bonaventure (with Dr Benson)



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