The Catholic University of America

 Courses taught by Chad Pecknold

TRS 260: Christianity and Culture

An introduction to Christian theology that focuses on the context and lived practices of Christians throughout the ages. Major figures and doctrines will be covered in relation to the cultural frameworks in which they arose. Beginning with Jesus and those of the first century who witnessed to him, the course will conclude with an examination of the Second Vatican Council and the questions that arise for authentic faith in contemporary culture.

TRS 661: Christian Anthropology

Studies creation, the human person, and redemption in Jesus Christ in light of Scripture and the Catholic tradition. Addresses questions posed by modern and contemporary culture (e.g., belief, gender, the environment, etc.).

TRS 760A: Theological Foundations

An introduction to the practice of Christian theology as human performance. Key moments in the genesis of theology as a discipline; its foundations, tasks, and purpose. Faculty.

TRS 763C: Divine Impassibility and Human Suffering

The course examines the question of whether God suffers and, if so, in what way does God’s suffering touch human suffering. Students will read patristic and medieval debates about patripassianism and divine impassibility to assist a critical analysis of 20th-century doctrinal debates on the topic

TRS 770G: Political Theology

An examination of key thinkers in political theology, attending to the modern transformation of medieval political theology through key theological topoi such as creation, natural law, corpus mysticum and the supernatural, secular time and eschatology.