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Publications by Chad Pecknold

Books Authored:

Christianity and Politics:

A Brief Guide to the History

 Cascade, 2010
C. C. Pecknold


Transforming Postliberal Theology:

George Lindbeck, Pragmatism and Scripture
  New York & London: T & T Clark Continuum, October 2005
C. C. Pecknold


Books Edited

Liturgy, Time and the Politics of Redemption
Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2006
C. C. Pecknold, Randi Rashkover

 Recent Articles

  • "Beyond our Intentions: An Augustinian Reading of Hannah's Child," Pro Ecclesia: A Journal of Catholic and Evangelical Theology 20:3 (Summer 2011)

  • “Migrations of the Host:  Fugitive Democracy and the Corpus Mysticum” in Political Theology (At Press, January 2010)

  • “Democracy and the Politics of the Word:  Stout and Hauerwas on Democracy and Scripture,’ Scottish Journal of Theology 59:2 (June 2006) with a response from Jeffrey Stout.

  • “Theo-Semiotics and Augustine’s Hermeneutical Jew, Or, What’s a Little Supersessionism Between Friends?” Augustinian Studies 37:1 (June 2006)

  • “How Augustine Used the Trinity,” Anglican Theological Review 85:1 (Winter 2003)