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Publications by Christopher Ruddy


    Tested in Every Way: The Catholic Priesthood in Today’s Church (Herder & Herder, 2006)

    The Local Church: Tillard and the Future of Catholic Ecclesiology (Herder & Herder, 2006)



Professional Articles

  • "'In My End is My Beginning': Lumen Gentium and the Priority of Doxology." Irish Theological Quarterly 79 (May 2014): 144-164.

  • "Yves Congar and Hans Küng at Vatican II: Differing Paths of Church Reform." Ecclesiology 10 (May 2014): 159-85.

  • "'A Very Considerable Place in the Mystery of Christ and the Church'?: Yves Congar on Mary", Mary on the Eve of the Second Vatican Council, ed. John C. Cavadini.  [Forthcoming]

  • "The Ignatian Matrix of Henri de Lubac's Thought on Temptation, Ascesis, and the Homo Ecclesiasticus", Heythrop Journal. [Forthcoming]

  • "'In My End is My Beginning': Lumen Gentium and the Priority of Doxology", Irish Theological Quarterly. [Forthcoming]

  • “‘Ressourcement’ and the Enduring Legacy of Post-Tridentine Theology?” in ‘Ressourcement’: A Movement for Renewal in Twentieth-Century Catholic Theology, eds. Gabriel Flynn and Paul Murray (Oxford University Press, 2012): 185-201.

  • “Unabashedly Liberal, Distinctively Catholic: Andrew Greeley and Post-Conciliar American Catholicism”, Josephinum Journal of Theology 16 (Winter-Spring 2009): 161-82.

  • Contributor to Review Symposium on Avery Cardinal Dulles’ “Catholicism 101.” Horizons 33 (Fall 2006): 322-24.

  • “Handing on the Faith to the ‘New Athenians’ in the American Catholic Church” (Co-authored with Deborah Wallace Ruddy), Handing on the Faith: The Church’s Mission and Challenge, edited by Robert P. Imbelli (Herder & Herder, 2006): 130-49.

  • "Heroism, Hospitality, and Holiness: Shifting Generational Constructions of the Church-World Relationship", Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture 7 (Winter 2004): 45-62.