The Catholic University of America

 Courses taught by Dominic Serra

TRS 641A Sacraments of Initiation

A historical and theological study of the rites of Christian initiation in both East and West from the New Testament to the present with a view to understanding more deeply the rites as reformed by order of the Second Vatican Council. Special attention will be given to the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.

TRS 641C Sacraments of Reconciliation and Anointing

A theological and historical study of the liturgical rite of sacramental reconciliation and of the anointing and pastoral care of the sick. Participants will distill the theological significance of these sacraments from the rites and euchological texts of their liturgical celebration. Students who are candidates for ordination will be given a confessional practicum in conjunction with this course. This course is best taken after 641A and 641B and after some study of Moral Theology.

TRS 740 Liturgical Sources

A study of liturgical sources with attention to historical and theological method. Particular but not exclusive focus on sources of Western churches. Working knowledge of Latin required.

TRS 741A Liturgy: Theological and Historical Perspectives

Theological, historical, and cultural considerations affecting the development of the traditions of public worship, East and West. An evaluation of the significance of these issues for the late twentieth century renewal of liturgical traditions.

TRS 742B Liturgy of Hours and Community Prayer

Theological foundations for Christian communal prayer. The historical and theological dimensions of the monastic and cathedral offices and popular forms of common prayer. Investigation and critique of the Roman Liturgy of the Hours and other models of contemporary community prayer. (Previously REL 728)

TRS 749 The Holy Spirit in Liturgical Celebration

A theological study of the operation of the Holy Spirit in Christian liturgy based on the liturgical texts and rites of both East and West. Special attention will be given to the Eucharist and Initiation.