The Catholic University of America

 Courses taught by Jacques Gres-Gayer

TRS 222 Saints and Sinners: A History of the Popes

An exploration of the life of the Catholic Church from the perspective of the Papacy. The course will make a critical use of the TV series Saints and Sinners, and of the book written in conjunction by Eamon Duffy (Yale University Press, 1997).

TRS 520 Introduction to Church History

Focuses on recent works in the various periods of church history. Deals with historical methodologies, major bibliographies, theological understandings, and rhetorical styles entailed in writing church and religious history. Emphasis on the composition of book reviews. Required for all students of Church History; graduate students in history and other departments with a historical component are welcome.

TRS 621C Early and Modern Church History

A survey of the history of the Catholic Church from the Avignon Papacy to Vatican II.

TRS 728D Early Modern Catholicism from Trent to the Revolution

A survey of the Catholic renewal that developed from the Council of Trent to the French revolution. Based on recent historiography it will examine the main features of this movement, its strength and weaknesses, its successes and failures, as well as Catholic resistance and alternatives that were opposed to it.

TRS 728E Modern Catholicism from the French Revolution to Vatican II

A survey of the history of the Catholic Church, from the end of the French Revolution to the Council of Vatican II.

TRS 825H Aspects of Jansenism

Jansenism is a generic term used to describe a certain type of religious principles and social behavior in Europe during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The usual chronological presentation suggests a coherent movement, evolving from mysticism to revolt and from resistance to organized revolution. The purpose of the seminar is to approach the question from a different angle, by reconstructing the different aspects of Jansenism as they can be observed in the religious history of the period.