The Catholic University of America

CUA Faculty and Alums at Annual Liturgy Meeting

A group of current and former faculty and alumni of CUA gathered in Albuquerque, NM, during the annual meeting of the North American Academy of Liturgy, January 3-6, 2013. Current faculty present included Dean Mark Morozowich, liturgy area director Dominic Serra, and faculty Margaret Mary Kelleher, Margaret Schreiber, Michael Witczak, and Lecturer Katharine Harmon. Former faculty in attendance included Gerard Austin. Alums present included Nick Denysenko, Gabriel Pivarnik, Richard McCarron, James Donohue, Donald LaSalle, Robert (Roc) O’Connor, Heidi Miller, James Sabak, Stephen Wilbricht, Catherine Vincie, Mark Wedig, and Judith Kubicki.

Gabriel Pivarnik and Katharine Harmon were highlighted at a reception sponsored by the Liturgical Press for authors with new books that appeared in 2012.

A number of those present also gave papers during the meeting. Witczak, in addition to the Vice Presidential Address (see above) also presented a work-in-progress on the Eucharist during the Carolingian period in the Issues in Medieval Liturgy group. Nicholas Denysenko spoke on “Chrismation and Receiving Converts in the Byzantine Rite” in the Christian Initiation group. Gabriel Pivarnik presented “Possible Directions for a More Developed Trinitarian Theology of Participation for the 21st Century” in the group on Eucharistic Prayer and Theology. Heidi Miller addressed the Exploring Contemporary and Alternative Worship group with the paper, “Becoming God’s Gesture to the World: Worshiping with Our Bodies.” Katharine Harmon offered “Social Regeneration and Mystical Body” to the Liturgy and Culture group. James Sabak presented “Keeping Vigil with the Saints in Ancient Rome” in the group on Problems in the Early History of Liturgy.