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Dr. John Grabowski Presented at Diocese of Richmond NFP Symposium

On Sunday, March 3, Dr. Grabowski delivered two presentations at the Diocese of Richmond's NFP Symposium in Richmond, VA.  The first was a keynote address entitled: "The Moral Difference between Contraception and NFP: Towards a Deeper Understanding of the Church's Vision."  The presentation gave an overview of the challenges posed to the Church's teaching by social, medical, and theological developments of the 20th century and the ways in Catholic teaching has sought to respond to them.  The second was a workshop entitled "Integrating NFP into the Stages of Marriage Preparation:  Remote, Proximate, Immediate, and Ongoing."  This presentation examined the current status of NFP education in programs of marriage preparation across the U.S. and ways in which this education might be made more comprehensive and effective.