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Several STRS Professors Present at Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion 
Dr. Charles B. Jones presented “A Brief Reflection on Mochizuki Shinko’s Pure Land Buddhism in China: a Doctrinal History” at the International Association of Shin Buddhist Studies pre-conference session with the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, Boston, Nov. 17, 2017.

Dr. Michael Root delivered a paper on “Karl Barth, the Reformation, and Catholic Theology Today” to the session of the Karl Barth Society of North America, meeting at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion in Boston, Massachusetts.  The paper explored the limited interest in Barth among contemporary Catholic theologians.  It took up the recent debate centered on the analogy of being, the natural knowledge of God, and the eternal election of Jesus, arguing that a look at the Reformation shows that these issues are not specifically Catholic-Protestant, but inherent to the Western theological tradition and best approached with attention to both Protestant and Catholic discussions.  The final section of the paper took up Hans Urs von Balthasar’s critique of Barth on grace and the agency of the redeemed within the economy of salvation.