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Procedures and Forms for Graduate Program

Registration and Enrollment

Student Advisement

Explains meetings between advisors and advisees, when to hold them, what should be discussed, and the responsibilities of advisor and advisee.


Explains process for choosing languages to study, and taking the language exam

Comprehensive Examinations

Explains the registration process, times and dates comps are given, who creates the exam, exam day procedrues, and specific details for each degree's exam.

Admission to Candidacy for Doctoral Degrees

Requirements, procedure, and forms involved in receiving candidacy for Ph.D., S.T.D., and D.Min. degrees.

Thesis and Dissertation Information

  • Preparing the Doctoral Defense. Explains the responsibilities of the director, student and the Assistant to the Graduate Director and the process of depositing the thesis or dissertation.

Graduation and Commencement

Explains the requirements for graduation for each degree level, responsibilities of the student, faculty, and administration, and commencement details (cap and gown, times, etc.).


Please see the rector's handbook which gives an overview of seminarian formation at The School of Theology and Religious Studies. Please contact the STRS Administrative office with any further questions.

Click here to open the Basic Supervised Ministry Placement form. Follow the instructions on the form to complete it, save it to your computer, and email it to the individual named on the form by the due date. Failure to complete this process by the due date will prevent you from registering for this course.

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Tracking Sheets
Link to tracking sheets for each degree for each Academic Area.

  Seminarian Tracking Sheets (with Ordination Requirements)

Happel Room Reservation

Explains the Happel Room Reservation Policy and provides the Happel Room Request Form.


Faculty Request Forms

Complete the Copy/Scan Request Form to submit copy and scan requests to the faculty assistant.

Room Reservation Form

Please click here to request rooms (other than the Happel room) located in Caldwell Hall