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Welcome to the School of Theology
and Religious Studies


  • Msgr. Clay Leads Conference on Homiletics

    Msgr. Clay, Associate Professor of Practice, led an all-day conference on preaching at the annual Deacon Conference for the Diocese of Richmond on September 15. The conference explored the importance of spiritual preparation, biblical theology, and the pastoral context of parishioners in homiletic development as well as how to structure a homily for effective communication.

  • Dr. Grabowski gave a presentation

    On Tuesday, September 19th Dr. Grabowski gave a presentation to the faculty and students of the Saint John Paul II and Redmptoris Mater seminaries (at the Saint John Paul II Seminary). The presentation dealt with "Faith and Love for the Church" and considered the role of the Church in nurturing the light of faith as well as handing on its content particularly in the context of the study of theology.

  • Dr. Bosworth Published New Book

    Dr. Bosworth published "Understanding Grief and Reading the Bible," in Mixed Feelings and Vexed Passions: Exploring Emotions in Biblical Literature (ed. Scott Spencer; Resources for Biblical Study 90; Society of Biblical Literature Press, 2017) The essay describes the current scientific research on grief and correlates it with biblical literature, especially the book of Lamentations. Click above for purchasing link.

  • Msgr McPartlan at Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue Meeting in Greece

    Msgr McPartlan at Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue Meeting in Greece From 5-9 September 2017, Msgr Paul McPartlan took part in a meeting of the Coordinating Committee of the Joint International Commission for Theological Dialogue between the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church on the island of Leros, Greece. Please click above for more information.

  • Dr. David Elliot has Published a New Book

    Hope and Christian Ethics (Cambridge University Press, August 2017). As social, civic and global anxieties mount, the need to overcome despair has become urgent. Elliot’s book proposes the theological virtue of hope as a source of rejuvenation. Hope sustains us from the sloth, presumption and despair that threaten amid injustice, tragedy and dying; it provides an ultimate meaning and transcendent purpose to our lives; and it rejoices and refreshes us 'on the way' with the prospect of eternal beatitude. Rather than degrading this life and world, hope ordains earthly goods to our eternal end, forming us to pursue justice with a resilience that transcends cynicism and disillusionment. Drawing on St. Thomas Aquinas and virtue ethics, the book shows how the virtue of hope contributes to human happiness in this life and not just the next.


Recent Events

  • Pak Defense

    Cabrini Pak, a Doctoral student in the Religion and Culture area, successfully defended her dissertation Friday, August 4th. Dr. William Barbieri directed the defense, which is titled, "Transcendence in Resilient American POWs: A Narrative Analysis".

  • Goines Defense

    Beverly Goines, a Doctoral student in the Religion and Culture area, successfully defended her dissertation Tuesday, April 25th. Dr. William Dinges directed the defense, which is titled, "The Ecumenical Vision of the Black Church in the Theologies of Thomas Hoyt, Frederick Ware and Kortright Davis".

  • Niyitegeka Defense

    Cyprien Niyitegeka, a Doctoral student in the Spirituality area, successfully defended his dissertation on Friday, April 21st. Rev. Raymond Studzinski directed the defense, which is titled, "The Metaphor of the Face in Therese of Liseux from the Philosophical Perspective of Emmanuel Levinas: Creating a Model for Contemporary Mission Spirituality".

 Humanae Vitae

A statement signed by hundreds of Catholic scholars affirming the Church's teaching on the gift of sexuality, and information on the future conference: “Healing the Wounds in Human Sexuality and Marriage by Embracing God’s Vision for Love and Marriage: A Fiftieth Year Anniversary Symposium on Humanae Vitae (1968-2018).”

Upcoming Events

Dean's Corner

Very Rev. Mark Morozowich

A Message from STRS Dean Very Rev. Mark Morozowich S.E.O.D. 

Welcome to the website of CUA’s School of Theology and Religious Studies!  Whether you are a current student, a prospective applicant, or simply a visitor, I hope you will find here what you are looking for, and be excited to learn more about our great school and the opportunities it offers!


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