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  • Msgr. Clay Presents Inaugural Lecture

    Msgr. Clay presented a lecture on January 17, 2015 to launch the 75th anniversary of St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Chapel Hill, NC. The lecture, "Emerging Catholicism in the Bible-Belt," situated the growth of Catholicism in North Carolina, the reasons for that growth and what Catholics who are not indigenous to the Bible-Belt might find beneficial in knowing about the various Protestant denominations they encounter in their personal and professional lives. This lecture was the first in a series that will be offered throughout 2015. Msgr. Clay was pastor of the parish between 1995-1999.

  • Picturing Mary Lecture

    The Rev. Stefanos Alexopoulos gave a lecture at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in the context of the "Picturing Mary" Exhibition. His lecture was titled: "Mary as Woman, Mother, Idea in the Byzantine Tradition". In his lecture he examined Puccio Capanna’s Madonna and Child (ca. 1330) and offered a theological interpretation using the Akathist Hymn of the Byzantine Tradition as his theological text. He argued that Puccio Capanna's panel is not just a picture, made of wood and colors, but an icon, a theology in painting, teaching and proclaiming the Mystery of the Incarnation.

  • Killeen Defense

    Brother Peter Killeen, F.S.C. is presenting his dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy on Monday, February 2 at 2pm in Caldwell 125. His defense is titled, "The Development and Significance of the Religious Habit of Men."

  • Alumni Spotlight

    TRS alum Angela Chiappetta is excited by the opportunities her theology degree has given her. To read the full article, please follow this link:

  • Dr. Gregory Publishes New Article

    Dr. Gregory has published an article, "A Reassessment of Sirach's Relationship to Qoheleth: A Case Study of Qoheleth 3:15 and Sirach 5:3," pages 190-201 in Reading Ecclesiastes Intertextually, edited by Katharine Dell and Will Kynes (London: Bloomsbury T&T Clark). This article demonstrates the methodological problems involved in positing textual engagement of Qoheleth by Sirach in order to argue for a reception-oriented approach to the intertextuality of these two wisdom books.

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Associated with National Museum of Women in the Arts exhibit: Picturing Mary: Woman, Mother, Idea

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A Message from STRS Acting Dean, Msgr. Paul McPartlan

Welcome to the website of CUA’s School of Theology and Religious Studies!  Whether you are a current student, a prospective applicant, or simply a visitor, I hope you will find here what you are looking for, and be excited to learn more about our great school and the opportunities it offers!


Recent Publications

  • Fr. Heil Publishes New Book on the Book of Revelation

    The subtitle of this book published by Wipf and Stock is Worship for Life in the Spirit of Prophecy. The worship that Revelation exhorts and enables is in the divine Spirit of prophetic witness against all forms of idolatrous worship in favor of a true worship of the Lord God and the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lamb, for an eternal and heavenly life. The audience may begin this worship in the Eucharistic supper into which Revelation leads them by inviting them to respond to the promise of Jesus, “Yes, I am coming soon,” with “Amen! Come Lord Jesus!” They thereby welcome the Lord Jesus to the Eucharistic supper that anticipates his final coming and the divine grace, the gift of eternal life, of the Lord Jesus that is intended to be the destiny of all.

  • Dr Ian Boxall Publishes New Book on Matthew’s Gospel

    Dr Ian Boxall’s new book Discovering Matthew: Content, interpretation, reception has just been published by SPCK. This introduction to the interpretation of Matthew’s Gospel draws on a range of methodological approaches (author-, text- and reader-centered), as complementary rather than mutually exclusive ways of interpreting the Gospel. In particular, it reflects the growing scholarly attention to the reception history of biblical texts.