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Catechetics Academic Area

The Catechetics Academic Area has two distinctive graduate degrees: Catechetics and Catechesis.

Catechetics is a research degree. It is a systematic study of the history, nature, goals, principles, and process of catechesis. Catechetics is interdisciplinary because it draws on other disciplines such as theology, liturgical studies, biblical studies, church history, etc., for establishing norms and criteria used in the development of theories and methods of catechesis. Graduate degrees in Catechetics are designed to equip students with knowledge and skills for doing research.

Catechesis is rooted in the Great Commission (MT 28:19) and is concerned with the Catholic Church's entire pastoral mission to evangelize, teach, baptize, and form disciples of Jesus Christ. Graduate degrees in Catechesis are designed to equip pastoral ministers with academic and pastoral skills.

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Catechetics Graduate Degree programs

We offer two degrees in the field of Catechetics. Both are research degrees:

Master of Arts in Catechetics (M.A.)

Doctor of Philosophy in Catechetics (Ph.D.)

We offer two degrees in the field of Catechesis. Both are pastoral degrees:

Master of Catechesis (M.Cat.)

Doctor of Ministry in Liturgical Catechesis (D.Min.)

Catechetics Faculty



Rev. Emanuel Magro
Assistant Professor

Rev. Raymond Studzinski
Associate Professor



Catechetics Emeritus Faculty

Rev. Gerard Sloyan
Adjunct Distinguished Lecturer