The Catholic University of America
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Intellectually Rigorous

Our internationally renowned faculty guides Catholic University students in rigorous intellectual inquiry. The School's courses challenge and broaden all CUA students' knowledge of theology and religious studies. For those interested in more sustained study, we offer a variety of programs.



Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Discover why CUA students major in TRS, what it entails, and what they do with it.
> Bacherlor of Arts details

TRS Requirements for All CUA Students
Learn more about how TRS courses play a crucial role in a CUA Education
> TRS Course Requirements of all CUA Students

Certificate in Pastoral Ministry
Explore our formation and certification program for those seeking to work in education, youth ministry and service to vulnerable populations.
> Certificate in Pastoral Ministry details

Minor Requirements
Discover how our minor provides a solid foundation in theology, complements other degrees, and usually requires just two additional courses
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Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts (B.A./M.A.)
For TRS majors interested in a graduate degree in theology, learn how to earn one in just one extra year through this streamlined dual degree program.
> Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts details

Theta Alpha Kappa (TAK)
TRS Majors and Minors with requisite GPAs can earn this prestigious recognition from the National Honor Society for Theology and Religious Studies.
> TAK details

Learn more about our internationally renowned faculty's research and teaching interests.
> Faculty