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Space & Exploration:Humans in a Vast Universe

In this short film, Br. Guy Consolmagno (Director of the Vatican Observatory), Dr. Jennifer Wiseman (Astrophysicist, NASA), and Dr. David Charbonneau (Professor of Astronomy, Harvard University) introduce exciting topics in space exploratio


Closer Look: How We Discover Exoplanets

In this “Closer Look” feature, Dr. David Charbonneau describes the techniques for finding exoplanets.


Ecclesial Families: Catholic/Orthodox, Evangelical/Conservative Protestant, Jewish, Mainline Protestant
Core Curriculum Course Categories: Biblical Studies, Church History, Ethics, General Theology, Pastoral Theology
Science Topics: Physics and Cosmos

Science for SeminariesScience: The Wide Angle

Photo Credit:

[1]courtesy of Massachusetts General Hospital and Draper Labs
[3]Viviano Codazzi
[4]Gregor Reisch