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Goals of the Academic Area

     The Graduate Program in Catechetics is designed to prepare students for a broad range of educational, diocesan and parish ministries through the study of foundations, history and theories of Christian education and the dynamics of faith and moral development with a special emphasis on liturgical catechesis and the life of the Church. Additionally, the graduate program examines current issues in religious education/catechesis and provides criteria for designing and evaluating catechetical methods and materials.

     The Master of Arts in Catechetics degree is a professional degree, designed to prepare students for educational and leadership positions in Catechetics on the parish or diocesan levels. The Master of Arts degree grounds the student in the literature and scholarship of the academic area, prepares the student for teaching in a variety of church and school settings and provides the background for advanced studies on the doctoral level. The goal of the Ph.D. in Catechetics is to prepare the student for scholarly research, writing and teaching on the college, university and seminary levels and for leadership positions in the educational ministry of the Church.


Assistant Professors
Margaret Schreiber, Area director
Emanuel Magro

Associate Professors
Raymond Studzinski

Adjunct Distinguished Lecturer
Gerard Sloyan

Professor Emeritus
Berard Marthaler