The Catholic University of America

Dennis Robert Di Mauro Defense

Final Examination of Dennis Robert Di Mauro

For the degree of Doctor of Philosophy

Wednesday, March 28, 2012 9:00 a.m., Caldwell Room 125


Jacques Grès-Gayer, D. Hist., D. Theo.


Gallican Vision, Anglican Perspectives:  The Reception of the Works of Louis-Ellies du Pin into England

This dissertation examines the twenty-seven English editions of famed Gallican church historian Louis Ellies Du Pin. While Du Pin’s life and works have been extensively researched by Gres-Gayer, his English translations, and reactions to them, have never been fully studied.  The research takes an in-depth look at his Protestant editors’ comments, as well as those of other prominent scholars who cite Du Pin’s works in their own. Their varied depictions of Du Pin include: Protestant sympathizer, pre-enlightenment scholar, and staunch Catholic. The dissertation also includes English Catholic reactions to Du Pin as a traitor to the Catholic cause and a closet Jansenist. Was the “English Du Pin” the Real Du Pin? The conclusion explains how the English misunderstood him, and explores the many facets of the real scholar: a debunker of ancient forgeries, an agenda-driven Gallican, and a clumsy ecumenist.