The Catholic University of America

Courses taught by Michael Clay

TRS 355: The Mission of the Contemporary Catholic

The Second Vatican Council states that it is the mission of the laity to witness, evangelize and sanctify the world. This course will consider how today's Catholics fulfill this mission as they live and practice the faith witnessed for two millennia. We will look at scripture, baptism, spirituality, the theological tradition, the lives of lay saints, the teachings of Vatican II and the post-conciliar Church, and the cultural context of the American Church to identify and understand this mission. Prerequisites: TRS 201 (or HSTR equivalent).

TRS 453: The Practice of Pastoral Ministry

This course examines the nature and function of pastoral theology for students desiring to become pastoral leaders. Students utilize their theological knowledge and examine how they integrate it into the praxis of ministry. They also explore the relational, spiritual and professional dimensions of public ministry that call the baptized to discipleship lived in relationship to God's mission. Limited to Certificate in Pastoral Ministry candidates or Theology majors and minors. Limited enrollment; consent required.

TRS 495: Internship in Pastoral Ministry

TRS 643A: Ministry of the Liturgical Presider

TRS 653A: Introduction to Liturgical Preaching

An introduction to the nature and purpose of preaching, the relationship between Word and Sacrament in the Catholic tradition, and the movement from biblical text to homily. Each student will preach four times during the semester. Prerequisite: TRS 607 or 609 or equivalent. Limited enrollment.

TRS 653C: Mystagogical Preaching

TRS 656: Pastoral Theology