The Catholic University of America

 Courses taught by Raymond Studzinski

TRS 651A Psychology and Religion

Psychology of religion in a historical perspective, with focus on such pioneer figures as James, Boisen, and Freud. An analysis of the dialogue between religion and psychology, with emphasis on such figures as Jung, Homans, and Browning. Contemporary perspectives of religion and psychology on selected topics such as mysticism, prayer, discernment, conversion, sin, and guilt.

TRS 651B Personality and Religious Development

Examines the psychological foundations of religion in human development and the evolution of religion during the life cycle. An investigation of the contributions of Erikson, the object-relations theorists, Piaget, Kohlberg, Fowler, and adult developmental theorists. Implications of developmental psychology for religious education and spirituality are emphasized.

TRS 855 Ministry of Spiritual Direction

Examines the history, principles, and practice of spiritual direction. This ministry is compared and contrasted with helping processes such as counseling and psychotherapy. The director's role and the dynamics and discernment are investigated as well as theological and psychological perspectives on the process. Scriptural and theological foundations for direction are considered. Pastoral guidelines for doing spiritual direction are presented.

TRS 858A The Self: Theological and Psychological Perspectives

An investigation of the self as a focus of both psychological and spiritual development. Attention is given to both the spiritual traditions of the East and West on the self and of contemporary efforts to integrate insights of depth psychology and theology.

TRS 858B Religion and Feelings

An exploration of the role of affectivity in religion along with considerations of recent contributions to the psychology of emotion and of studies on the way emotions shape personalities and cultures and guide behavior.

TRS 858C Spiritual Practices

A study of some of the traditional practices as a means of shaping and forming a religious and virtuous self. Contributions of Michel Foucault, Michel de Certeau, Talal Assad, and others on the important role of practices will provide a theoretical base.