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  • Dr. Gregory Publishes New Article

    Dr. Gregory has published an article, "A Reassessment of Sirach's Relationship to Qoheleth: A Case Study of Qoheleth 3:15 and Sirach 5:3," pages 190-201 in Reading Ecclesiastes Intertextually, edited by Katharine Dell and Will Kynes (London: Bloomsbury T&T Clark). This article demonstrates the methodological problems involved in positing textual engagement of Qoheleth by Sirach in order to argue for a reception-oriented approach to the intertextuality of these two wisdom books.


  • TRS at AAR 2014

    The Biblical Area was well-represented as the Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting in San Diego. Prof. David Bosworth presented "Weeping in Hebrew and Akkadian Prayers," comparing the use of tears in the Psalms and ancient Akkadian prayers ( Prof. Bradley Gregory presented Isaiah 14 (LXX) as Narrative Template for Antiochus IV in 2 Maccabees ( ...more.

  • Dr. Pim Valkenberg Published article on Thomas Aquinas and Nicholas of Cusa

    Dr. Valkenberg has published an article titled “Can We Talk Theologically? Thomas Aquinas and Nicholas of Cusa on the Possibility of a Theological Understanding of Islam”, pages 131-166 in Rethinking the Medieval Legacy for Contemporary Theology, a scholarly volume of Medieval Theology. edited by Anselm K. Min from the University of Notre Dame Press.


  • Rev. Alexopolous Delivers Lecture on the Parthenon

    On December 5, Rev. Stefanos Alexopoulos delivered a lecture titled: "When a Column Speaks: The Liturgy of the Christian Parthenon" for the Art and Archaeology of the Mediterranean World Colloquium at the Art Museum of the University of Pennsylvania. In the lecture he argued that the Christian inscriptions on the columns of the Parthenon allow us to reconstruct the ritual celebrated therein when the Parthenon functioned as a Christian church (for which no liturgical sources survive) and to argue that between the 8th century and 1205 the Christian Parthenon followed the cathedral office of Hagia Sophia of Constantinople.


  • Dr. Grabowski Publishes New Article

    John S. Grabowski’s new article “And So He Revealed His Glory: Cana and the Sacramentality of Marriage” appeared in The Thomist 78:1 (2014): 37-63. Using patristic and medieval readings of John 2:1-11 as well as an exegesis of the text itself, the essay argues against the frequently repeated argument that views marriage in the early Christian era as a largely secular and human relationship which was later "baptized" by the medieval Church. Rather the text and this tradition of interpretation reveal the early Christian view of marriage to be one which saw Christ as acting within it to transform it and to conform the couple to his cross and to his own eschatological union with the Church.


  • Bereavement Notice

    It is with great sadness that we convey the passing of Father Berard Marthaler, OFM Conv., emeritus professor of the Catholic University of America. Fr Marthaler was born in 1927, ordained in Rome in 1953 and earned his Doctorate in Sacred Theology (S.T.D.) from the Seraphicum with a dissertation on Original Justice and Sanctifying Grace in the Writings of St. Bonaventure. He also earned a doctorate in Ancient History from the University of Minnesota...more


  • Brotherton Defense

    Mr. Joshua Brotherton is presenting his dissertation for the degree Doctor of Philosophy on Friday, December 12 at 10:00 am in Caldwell 125. His defense is titled "Reclaiming Hans urs von balthasar’s Theodramatic Eschatology: Revisions from Jacques Maritain, Jjoseph Ratzinger, and Bernard Lonergan."


  • Dr. Gregory Publishes Article

    Dr. Gregory has published an article, "Historical Candidates for the Fallen King in Sirach 10,10" in Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft 126 (2014): 589-591. The article argues that Ben Sira's reference to an arrogant king who dies suddenly is more likely to be modeled on Alexander the Great than Ptolemy IV or Antiochus III.


  • Dr. Lantigua Delivers Lecture at UVA

    On Friday, November 21, Dr. David Lantigua delivered a public lecture for the St. Anselm Institute for Catholic Thought at the University of Virginia, entitled: “Bishop Bartolomé de las Casas, O.P., the Church of the Poor, and the Origins of Human Rights.” The lecture was preceded by a Doctors of the Church faculty-student lunch seminar on “Las Casas and The Only Way,” led by Dr. Lantigua.

    The link for the lecture can be found here:


  • Msgr. Irwin Directs Theological Symposium

    On Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, Nov. 24-25, Msgr. Irwin was the main presenter and respondent at a two day theological symposium at Mt. Angel Seminary and Monastery, St. Benedict, OR. The occasion was the annual two day symposium that Mt. Angel sets aide for interaction with a visiting scholar. The topic was "The Benedictine Charism and Seminary Education." Msgr. Irwin offered reflections on liturgy as a center of the theological curriculum of Mt. Angel, from a theological perspective. The Mt. Angel curriculum is based on a vision of Eucharistic ecclesiology based on and celebrated in the liturgy. In crafting its curriculum the faculty of Mt. Angel relied on the writings and a visit of the STRS Dean, Msgr. McPartlan, and some of Msgr. Irwin's writings, especially his book, CONTEXT AND TEXT.


  • Rev. Witczak Reflects on Liturgical Minsitry

    Rev. Michael Witczak presented a morning of reflection for liturgical ministers at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle in Washington, DC, on Saturday, October 25, with the topic “Ministering at Liturgy: A Theology and Spirituality.” The morning long session explored the teaching of the manifold presence of Christ in the liturgy as a basis for deeper understanding of and participation in the liturgy. Thomas Stehle, the Cathedral’s Pastoral Associate for Liturgy, introduced the day.


  • Dr. Pecknold Delivers Talk at Franciscan University

    Dr. C.C. Pecknold delivered a talk entitled “Sacrifice and the City of God” at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. His talk was part of a Theology Series hosted by the University on Faith+Reason. The video may be found here.



  • Wright Defense

    Ms. Cynthia Wright is presenting her treatise for the degree of Doctor of Ministry on Friday, December 5 at 12:15 p.m. in the Happel Room. Her treatise is titled, " Friends for Men: A Tutorial for Developing Friends for Men who Face an Unplanned Pregnancy."


  • Dr. Miller Publishes Textbook Chapter

    Dr. Robert Miller has just published the chapter “The Judges and the Early Iron Age” in Ancient Israel’s History: An Introduction to Issues and Sources, edited by Bill T. Arnold and Richard S. Hess. This Baker Academic volume is designed as a textbook for undergraduates and introductory graduate students to the history of Israel in the Old Testament period.


  • Dr. Grabowski Publishes Article

    "The Law of Gradualism: A Process Toward God." Our Sunday Visitor 103, no. 28 (November 9, 2014), p. 8. The essay treated the concept of gradualism in light of the discussion at the recent Extraordinary Synod. Rightly understood, gradualism is an aspect of conversion and growth in virtue which is integral to the Christian life.


  • Dr. Jones Presents at AAR

    Dr. Charles B. Jones presented the paper “The Jesuit-Confucian Encounter in Late Ming China and the Formation of the Secular” at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion on November 24, 2014 in San Diego.


  • Msgr. McPartlan Delivers Holy Spirit Lecture

    On Friday, 14 November 2014, Msgr Paul McPartlan delivered the ninth annual Holy Spirit Lecture at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, entitled: "An Evangelizing Communion: The Church, the Holy Spirit, and Vatican II". The lecture was followed on 15 November by an academic colloquium on the same topic, led by Msgr McPartlan.


  • Dr. and Mrs Grabowski Present to Campus Ministry

    Dr. Grabowski and his wife, Claire, gave a presentation on campus in Campus Ministry's Graduate Speaker Series on Monday November 17th on "Ministry to Families in the Domestic Church and the Universal Church." The presentation discussed their personal experience as a couple and some of the initiative provided by the wider Church in the areas of marriage preparation, post-Cana marriage ministry, and ministry to families on an international scale (e.g., the upcoming World Meeting of Families).


  • Rev. Ford Publishes New Article

    Rev. John Ford’s new article, "John Henry Newman, théologien contextual," was published in Études newmanniennes 30 (2014): 27-53.


  • CUA Professors in Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue

    From 23-25 October 2014, Msgr Paul McPartlan, Acting Dean of STRS, and Fr John Galvin participated in a meeting of the North American Orthodox-Catholic Theological Dialogue at the Paulist College, Washington DC. Msgr McPartlan gave a report on the latest plenary meeting of the international Catholic-Orthodox dialogue in Amman, Jordan, in September 2014, and a presentation on the recent document of the International Theological Commission, entitled 'Sensus Fidei in the Life of the Church'.


  • CUA Professors in Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue

    From 23-25 October 2014, Msgr Paul McPartlan, Acting Dean of STRS, and Fr John Galvin participated in a meeting of the North American Orthodox-Catholic Theological Dialogue at the Paulist College, Washington DC. Msgr McPartlan gave a report on the latest plenary meeting of the international Catholic-Orthodox dialogue in Amman, Jordan, in September 2014, and a presentation on the recent document of the International Theological Commission, entitled 'Sensus Fidei in the Life of the Church'.


  • Dr. Benson published in Medieval Sermon Studies

    Dr. Benson has published an introduction to an edition of what may be Nicholas of Ockham’s inaugural sermon at Oxford (given in 1286). The sermon is of additional importance because much of Nicholas’s sermon is copied verbatim from Bonaventure’s Collationes in Hexaemeron and thus demonstrates how a theologian of the next generation appropriated Bonaventure’s important work. Dr. Benson’s piece was published in Medieval Sermon Studies 58 (2014), 28-46.


  • Dr. Miller Publishes New Article

    Dr. Robert Miller has just published the essay “The Baals of Bashan” in Revue Biblique 121 (2014): 506-15. This article examines the biblical phrase “Bulls of Bashan” and determines it refers to Canaanite gods, rather than cattle.


  • Msgr. Irwin Participates in Bishops’ Meeting

    Because of his role as an advisor to the USCCB Committee on Divine Worship Msgr. Irwin participated in a day long Committee meeting in Baltimore on Sunday November 9th. Several Agenda items concerned approving the translation of liturgical texts, including revisions to the revised Grail Psalter. This Psalter will eventually be used in all vernacular translations of liturgical texts in the USA. A lengthy discussions concerned revisions to the texts of the Canticles in the Liturgy of the Hours, which revisions will be brought to the bishops for a vote in June, 2015. The report to the bishop’s Committee from the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions concerned a multi faceted program to work towards revising the National Statutes which help direct the working of the catechumenate and the Rite for the Christian Initiation for Adults in the USA.


  • Dr. Bosworth Awarded for Excellence in Teaching

    Dr. David Bosworth, Associate Professor of Old Testament, was honored with an award for excellence in teaching on October 29, in an event to honor outstanding faculty. The award was presented by President John Garvey and interim provost, the Very Rev. Mark Morozowich. Dr. Bosworth’s award, for Teaching Excellence in Early Career, recognizes professors who have been teaching at Catholic University for fewer than ten years. To see the school’s press release, click here:


  • Rev. Alexopolous Publishes New Article

    Rev. Stefanos Alexopoulos published an article, “When Art, Canon Law and Liturgy Meet: The Case of the Liturgical Pyxides” in Bert Groen, Daniel Galadza, Nina Glibetic, Gabriel Radle (eds.), Rites and Rituals of the Christian East. Proceedings of the Fourth International Congress of the Society of Oriental Liturgy, Lebanon 10-15 July, 2012. Eastern Christian Studies 22 (Leuven: Peeters, 2014) 377-385. In this article he examines pyxides (small boxes made of precious material) dating from the 5th to the 7th century, and proposes a liturgical interpretation of their use based on canon 101 of Penthekte, which forbids the reception of the Eucharist in precious receptacles.


  • Rev. Alexopolous Presents Paper

    Rev. Stefanos Alexopoulos presented a paper on the topic "The Offices of the Minor Hours and the Royal Hours: History and Theology" at the Fifteenth Liturgical Conference of the Special Synodical Committee of Liturgical Renewal of the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece, Athens, September 23, 2014. This presentation explored the history and theology of the Minor Hours (1st, 3rd, 6th, 9th) and the Royal Hours (1st, 3rd, 6th, 9th of Holy Friday, Christmas Eve, Epiphany Eve) in the Byzantine liturgical tradition.


  • Cardinal Gerhard Müller, CDF Prefect, delivers lecture on ‘Donum Veritatis: The Contribution of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to the Theological Enterprise’.

    On Monday, 3 November 2014, Cardinal Gerhard Müller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), gave a talk in Caldwell Auditorium entitled ‘Donum Veritatis: The Contribution of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to the Theological Enterprise’. Cardinal Müller, who was on a visit to Washington, came to CUA at the invitation of President Garvey, and was welcomed in the President’s name by the Interim Provost, our former Dean, Fr. Mark Morozowich.

    Click here to read more.


  • Cardinal Walter Kasper, 2014 Quasten Award Recipient, Delivers Lecture on 'The Theological Background of the Ecclesiological and Ecumenical Vision of Pope Francis’

    Just a few days later, on Thursday, 6 November 2014, there was again standing room only in the Caldwell Auditorium for the visit of Cardinal Walter Kasper, President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity from 2001-2010. Cardinal Kasper was here to receive the Johannes Quasten Award from the School of Theology and Religious Studies at CUA, an annual award for ‘Excellence in Scholarship and Leadership in Religious Studies’. The Acting Dean of STRS, Msgr. Paul McPartlan, gave an address paying tribute to Cardinal Kasper as ‘an outstanding bishop-theologian’ and highlighting some interesting connections between the Cardinal and his work and the life and work of Quasten himself.

    Click here to read more.
    To access the Public Affairs release regarding the lectures click here.
    Click here to access a video of Cardinal Kasper's lecture.



  • Dr. Christopher J. Born Discusses the Religious Origins of Halloween

    Dr. Christopher J. Born, Clinical Assistant Professor of Religion and Culture and Director of the Teaching and Learning Program in TRS, was interviewed on October 31st by Mike Hydeck and Andrea Roane of WUSA-9 on the religious origins and development of Halloween. Dr. Born outlines the Celtic origins of the holiday and how Roman, Christian, and American influences has resulted in the traditions we associate with the holiday today. To watch this segment, click here.


  • Msgr. Clay Gives Keynote Address at Annual Catechists Conference

    Msgr. Michael Clay, Pastoral Studies Area Director, delivered the keynote address at the annual conference of catechists serving in the Diocese of Charleston on October 25. His address was entitled, Evangelization: Addressing the Essentials of Christian Formation and Conversion. The address focused on the need to reorient catechetical programs to explicitly address issues of evangelization prior to sacramental preparation and religious education among increasingly unevangelized Catholic children and youth.


  • Dr. Miller Publishes New Article

    Dr. Robert Miller has published a new article, “Tracking the Dragon across the Ancient Near East" that appears in Archiv Orientální 82 (2014): 225-45. This essay traces the diffusion of dragonslaying myths from India, Asia Minor, and Mesopotamia through the Levant and into Canaanite mythology.


  • Dr. Grabowski presents at the Diocese of Richmond

    Last week on October 22nd, Dr. Grabowski presented "The Emerging Theological Issues Regarding Marriage and Family Life in Light of the Synods of Bishops" at the Diocese of Richmond Priests Convocation in Staunton, VA. The presentation examined the Synods on Family in the context of recent Catholic teaching on family, recent cultural developments, and their implications for the New Evangelization.


  • Dr. Wessel Publishes New Article

    Dr. Susan Wessel has published a new article, “Religious Doctrine and Ecclesiastical Change in the Time of Leo the Great" that appears in ed. Michael Maas, The Cambridge Companion to the Age of Attila (Cambridge University Press: New York and Cambridge, 2014). The article runs from pages 329-345.


  • Msgr. Clay Presents Workshops at Diocesan Conference

    Msgr. Clay gave two presentations to initiation catechists in the Diocese of Raleigh on October 18 during its annual Catholic Convocation. His presentations focused on factors that may be contributing to the high recidivism of those initiated through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults and what might be done to ameliorate this situation.


  • Msgr. Irwin Receives National Award

    At their annual convention this month the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions (FDLC) awarded their highest honor to Msgr. Irwin for his contribution to liturgical scholarship and pastoral formation of liturgical ministers. Named after Msgr. Fred McManus, former faculty member in the School of Canon Law and Academic Vice President of CUA, this award has been given annually since 1995.

    The two hundred and twenty members attending the year’s convention staff liturgy offices and liturgical commissions across the country. During his acceptance speech Msgr. Irwin noted that a number of those in attendance had been his students in Rome, at CUA and at Notre Dame (summer sessions). His speech was subtitled “The Pope Francis Effect on the Liturgy” and addressed the relationship of the liturgy and daily life. He noted specifically Pope Francis’ concern for the poor, the importance of the unity and peace of the church as essential correlatives of celebrating the liturgy and what we can learn from Pope Francis’ simple and direct manner of celebrating the liturgy and preaching.

    To read the newsletter publication, click here.


  • Dr. Mattison Interviewed About the Synod for the Family

    Dr. William Mattison, Associate Professor of Moral Theology and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies at TRS, was recently asked to provide his expertise on the Synod of Bishops on the Family which is taking place in Rome from October 8-19, 2014. On Monday, October 13th, he was a panelist on the Diane Rehm Show on NPR. To hear that segment, click here. Then on Tuesday, October 14th, he was interviewed by EWTN. The clip for that segment may be found here.


  • STRS Undergraduate Launch Party

    The School of Theology and Religious Studies celebrated the launch of its Undergraduate Program, October 2nd with a festival of games, music, food and prizes. It was extremely well attended by a number of faculty, other CUA administrators, and TRS students. Though there was no formal program students were able to be get more acquainted with their new acting Dean Msgr. McPartlan. It was a wonderful time spent together to celebrate what a presence the undergraduate theology majors are to the School of Theology and Religious Studies.


  • STRS Awarded Grant for Integrating Science into Core Theological Education

    The American Association for the Advancement of Science has announced that STRS was among ten institutions of higher learning to receive a grant to foster greater integration of science into core courses in its curriculum. The competition for the grant, in the amount of $185,000 per school, was nationwide. The only other Catholic institution so awarded was the Jesuit School of Theology at Santa Clara (Ca.).

    The chief authors of the grant proposal were Msgr. Kevin W. Irwin, Dr. Robert Miller and Dr. David Bosworth. An initial phase of implementing the project will be to invite two faculty members from STRS who determine that greater integration of scientific learning (hard and human sciences) into existing courses would be beneficial. They will be compensated for these efforts including travel and the purchase of books and other materials. The leadership of the schools so awarded will meet in D.C. on June 30-July 1, 2016, to share ideas and assess the strengths and weaknesses of this initial phase. It is envisioned that the work related this grant would extend through July, 2017.

    Click here to access the official news release published by AAAS.


  • Dr. Jones Presents at Conference

    Charles B. Jones presented “Jesuit-Chinese Interactions in the Late Ming Dynasty: Lost in Translation?” at the conference “Language, Culture and Reality: East and West,” held at the Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies and Academic Exchange and the Department of South Asia Studies, University of Pennsylvania, October 3-4, 2014.


  • Dr. Pecknold Participates in Dulles Colloquium on Christian Witness in America

    On September 27-28 Professor Pecknold participated in the Dulles Colloquium sponsored by the journal of religion in the public square, First Things. The Dulles Colloquium, which invites about 20 Christian thinkers a year to participate in a discussion of major topics, was named for CUA's own professor emeritus of systematic theology Avery Cardinal Dulles. This year's topic was "Christian witness in America," treating the rapidly changing place of religion in the public square.


  • Msgr McPartlan at Catholic-Orthodox plenary meeting in Jordan

    From 15-23 September, Msgr Paul McPartlan took part in the plenary meeting of the Joint International Commission for Theological Dialogue between the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church that was held in Amman, Jordan. The meeting, which was hosted by the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem, continued discussion of the difficult topic of primacy and synodality in the Church, with particular reference to the role of the bishop of Rome as universal primate.


  • Msgr. Irwin Featured on Liturgy Blog

    The monks of St. John's University, Collegeville Minnesota were in the forefront of the American Liturgical Movement and sponsored several outlets for publications including WORSHIP, liturgical rites, and titles from The Liturgical Press. More recently Fr. Anthony Ruff, OSB has edited the online blog entitled WE PRAY, WE BELIEVE. One of the features of the blog is an occasional interview with "Liturgical Leaders." Msgr. Irwin was featured in that section of the blog. Click here to read the article.

  • Dean Mark Morozowich Appointed as Interim Provost

    On Wednesday, September 24, President John Garvey announced that he had appointed the Very Reverend Mark Morozowich as interim provost of The Catholic University of America for the remainder of the 2014-2015 academic year. Fr Morozowich has served as dean of the School of Theology and Religious Studies since July 2012. President Garvey also announced that Monsignor Paul McPartlan, the Carl J. Peter Professor of Systematic Theology and Ecumenism, had agreed to serve as the acting dean of the School of Theology and Religious studies during this interim period.

  • STRS Welcomes Undergrads

    Effective with the beginning of the 2014-2015 academic year, all undergraduate theology majors are now matriculating into the School of Theology and Religious Studies. Catholic University Theology students are now the only undergraduate students in the country to be matriculated into an ecclesiastical theology school. The new arrangement includes degree requirements that better complement the undergraduate theology major. For a full press release, click here.

  • Dr Boxall Delivers a Lecture to the Biblical Archaeology Forum

    Dr Ian Boxall gave a lecture to the Biblical Archaeology Forum at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington, Rockville, on September 17th. The subject of the lecture was “God’s Battle with Satan in the Book of Revelation.”

  • Turalija Defense

    Rev. Dubravko Turalija is presenting his dissertation for the degree of Doctorate of Sacred Theology on Thursday, October 2 at 3pm in the Dissertation Defense Room, Caldwell 125-15. His dissertation is ittled "Literary Structure and Character in Proverbs 30."

  • Dr. Matt Tapie Publishes on Aquinas on Israel and the Church

    Dr. Matt Tapie published a revised version of his dissertation, Aquinas on Israel and the Church with Wipf & Stock. The book contains a foreword by STRS faculty member, Dr. Pim Valkenberg. To view the book and its summary, click here.

    The collaboration between Dr. Tapie and Dr. Valkenberg also resulted in two articles in the Jaarboek 2013 of the Thomas Instituut Utrecht, namely:

    -Pim Valkenberg, “How Others Bear Witness To Our Faith: Aquinas and Lumen Gentium” and Matthew Tapie, “’Out of Zion the Deliverer Shall Come’: St,. Thomas Aquinas on Jewish Worship as Figura praesentis spiritualis beneficii, Jaarboek of the Thomas Instituut Utrecht 33 (2013) 55-75 and 77-109.

  • Dr. Miller Presents on Biblical Minimalism

    On September 10, Dr. Robert D. Miller, O.F.S., gave a public lecture, "Maximalists and Minimalists and the Quest for Solomon’s Kingdom", at West Chester University of Pennsylvania.

  • Msgr. Irwin Attends “Religions for the Earth” Colloquium at the United Nations

    On Friday and Saturday Sept. 19-20th, Msgr. Irwin participated in the religious leaders conference on climate change in New York. Two hundred religious leaders from throughout the world met for dialogue, debate and discussion about climate change leading to a rally at the UN on Sunday sponsored by these religious leaders. All of this was in preparation for a special day entitled “UN Climate Summit” to be held a day before the opening of the UN General Assembly on Tuesday Sept. 23rd. The UN Climate Summit was organized at the personal initiative of Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Members from the staff of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace represented the Vatican at these events.

  • Drs. Witzcak and Irwin Named Advisory Editors

    In the most resent issue of the international liturgical journal ECCLESIA ORANS it was announced that both Fr. Michael Witczak and Msgr. Kevin Irwin were named to the "Scientific Advisory Board." They are among the twelve members newly named to coincide with new editorship of the journal.The journal has been in existence for thirty years and is edited and published at their alma mater Sant Anselmo in Rome. In their letters of appointment it indicated that their responsibilities include publishing their own articles in the journal and assisting the editorial board in assessing the value of other submissions for publication.


  • Dr. Grabowski Interviewed on EWTN

    On September 17, EWTN aired an interview with Dr. John Grabowski and his wife Claire. The Grabowskis are one of thirty couples on the Pontifical Council on the Family and are helping to put together the World Meeting of Families for Pope Francis' visit to Philadelphia in 2015. The video is here and the Grabowski interview begins at the 12:55 mark.


  • TRS Welcomes New Faculty

    On August 28th, 2014, the University celebrated the arrival of new faculty at the Mass of the Holy Spirit. The School of Theology and Religious Studies is especially pleased to welcome Dr. Bradley C. Gregory and Dr. Paul Scherz. Dr. Gregory obtained his Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible and Early Judaism at the University of Notre Dame and will be teaching in Biblical Studies. Dr. Scherz obtained a Ph.D. in Genetics at Harvard University and a Ph.D. in Moral Theology from the University of Notre Dame and will be teaching Moral Theology/Ethics.

  • Dr Boxall Publishes Review in Marginalia

    Dr Boxall has reviewed William John Lyons's new book on Joseph of Arimathea for the on-line Marginalia Review of Books. Marginalia is an international, open access review of literature and culture in the nexus of history, theology, and religion (

  • Dr Boxall's Book Named 'Book of the Month'

    Dr Ian Boxall's book Patmos in the Reception History of the Apocalypse (Oxford University Press 2013) was named 'Book of the Month' in the August 2014 issue of The Expository Times.


  • Dr Boxall Publishes Article

    Dr Ian Boxall has recently contributed an article entitled "Francis of Assisi as Apocalyptic Visionary" to the Festschrift for his doctoral supervisor, Professor Christopher Rowland (John Ashton (ed.), Revealed Wisdom: Studies in Apocalyptic in Honour of Christopher Rowland, Brill 2014). Professor Rowland has recently retired as Dean Ireland's Professor of the Exegesis of Holy Scripture in the University of Oxford.



  • Dr. Grabowski Helps Prepare for the World Meeting of Families

    Dr. John Grabowski was part of the working group which drafted the catechesis for the upcoming World Meeting of Families, writing the initial draft of the section “A Home for the Wounded Heart.” The catechesis, Love is Our Mission: The Family Alive: A Preparatory Catechesis for the World Meeting of Families, is being published in multiple languages in advance of the meeting in Philadelphia in September, 2015. It is currently available in the U.S. in English and Spanish from Our Sunday Visitor (Huntington, IN, 2014).


  • Cardinal Donald Wuerl Teaches Theology Course

    On Thursday, August 28, Donald Cardinal Wuerl taught Fr. Steven Olds’ Foundations of Catholicism course as Chancellor of the University and the William Cardinal Baum University Professor of Theology. Very Rev. Mark Morozowich, dean of the School of Theology and Religious Studies welcomed the cardinal at 2 p.m.

  • Dr. Capizzi Speaks on Recent Comments from Pope Francis

    Pope Francis recently made a statement about the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and the necessity of stopping this militant group's actions. Dr. Capizzi was consulted by Vox and gave context to the Pope’s statement. For the full article by and Dr. Capizzi’s statements, click here: What Pope Francis Really Said About the Crisis in Iraq.


  • Msgr. Rossetti Gives Lecture in Norway

    On August 12th, Msgr. Stephen J. Rossetti PhD from the CUA School of Theology and Religious Studies gave a workshop near Oslo Norway to members of the staff of Modum Bad Hospital, the Norwegian Church Resource Center on Violence and Abuse of Minors, and The Institute of Pastoral Care (Institutt for Sjelesorg) plus other invited guests. He spoke on the clinical and pastoral care of priests and religious, as well as child protection issues. The professionals present remarked that both Norway and the U.S.A. were dealing with many of the same issues, despite the cross-cultural differences. Several of those present expressed a particular interest in the comprehensive, multi-disciplinary screening of candidates for the priesthood presented by Msgr. Rossetti and the need for greater general education on Red Flags for potential abuse. It was hoped that Msgr. Rossetti could return to Norway in the future to continue the cross-cultural mutual information and dialogue.


  • Msgr. Irwin Publishes Article

    The latest issue if ECCLESIA ORANS (30:2, pp. 411-53) contains an article by Msgr. Kevin Irwin on " The Theological Keys of SACROSANCTUM CONCILIUM." It is one of six articles commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of the Liturgy Constitution as the first document to emerge from the Second Vatican Council.


July 2014

  • Msgr McPartlan in Constantinople for Episcopal Ordination of Former Student

    On Sunday 27 July 2014, Msgr. Paul McPartlan attended the episcopal ordination of Metropolitan Maximos (Vgenopoulos) of Silivria by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople at the Cathedral of St George in the Phanar, Istanbul. Msgr McPartlan was the director of the doctoral dissertation that Metropolitan Maximos wrote some years ago at Heythrop College in the University of London. Metropolitan Maximos' recent book, of great value for Catholic-Orthodox relations, was based on that study: Maximos Vgenopoulos, Primacy in the Church from Vatican I to Vatican II: An Orthodox Perspective (DeKalb, Il: Northern Illinois University Press, 2013).


  • Dr. Grabowski and the Pontifical Council for the Family

    In a private audience on June 23rd Pope Francis expressed his desire to Archbishop Paglia, President of the Pontifical Council for the Family, that the terms of service for John Grabowski and his wife Claire as a member couple of the Council (along with other members of the Dicastery) be extended.


  • Fr. Ford Presents on Newman

    On July 31, Fr. John T. Ford, C.S.C. gave a power-point presentation, "Little Known Facts About Newman's Anglican Years, 1801-1845", for the plenary session at the annual conference of the Newman Association of America at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio.


  • Dr. Valkenberg Publishes Article on Nicholas of Cusa

    Dr. Valkenberg recently published another article about Nicholas of Cusa in a book published by Brill. The article is about the Islamic sources for the famous saying, una religio in rituum varietate (“One religion in a variety of rites”) by Nicholas of Cusa, and it is published in: Nicholas of Cusa and Islam: Polemic and Dialogue in the Late Middle Ages (Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions) edited by Ian Christopher Levy, Rita George-Tvrtkovi? and Donald F. Duclow, Leiden - Boston: Brill, 2014.


  • Faculty Published in New Book

    Two of our faculty, Dr. Charles Jones and Dr. Pim Valkenberg, have had articles published in a new book, Understanding Religious Pluralism: Perspectives from Religious Studies and Theology, Ed. Peter Phan and Jonathan Ray (Eugene: Pickwick Publications). Dr. Jones' article is titled "The Prospects for Interreligious and Intercultural understanding: the Jesuit Case and its Theoretical Implications." Dr. Valkenberg's article is titled "One Faith, Different Rites: Nicholas of Cusa's New Awareness of Religious Pluralism."


  • Fr Lombardo Gives Paper at Boston Colloquy

    At the Boston Colloquy in Historical Theology (July 31-Aug 2), Fr Nicholas Lombardo gave a paper on “The Crucifixion as Ransom and Jesus’ Historical Attitude toward His Death: Reading the Passion Narratives with Patristic Authors.” The paper argued that patristic interpretations of the crucifixion offer promising resources for understanding Jesus’ historical attitude toward his death.


  • Dr. Bosworth Presents Paper

    Dr. David Bosworth presented his paper "Deities as Parental Figures in Hebrew and Akkadian Prayers" at the annual meeting of the Catholic Biblical Association. At the same meeting, he became the Old Testament Book Review Editor for The Catholic Biblical Quarterly.


  • Dr. Grabowski Gives Presentation on Theology of the Body

    Dr. John Grabowski was at the Theology of the Body 2014 International Congress in Philadelphia last week. He gave a presentation called “Something Old, Something New: Tradition and Development of Doctrine in the ToB’s Teaching on Marriage.” The presentation treated the areas of sacramental grace, marriage as a vocation to holiness, marriage and the imago dei, responsible parenthood, and mutual submission in marriage. Also, served on two different panels, discussing the relationship of the ToB and NFP and the ToB and the upcoming synods on Family in Rome.


  • Msgr. Irwin Receives Book Award

    The Catholic Press Association has awarded Msgr. Irwin second prize for his book What We Have Done, What We Have Failed To Do: Assessing the Liturgical Reforms of Vatican II. The letter accompanying the certificate explained that "The Catholic Press Association is a united group that serves the need of the Catholic faith and the right to protect that faith with viable publications. Your contribution to the face of Catholic publishing and to the offerings of Paulist Press has been rightly regarded."


  • Msgr. Clay leads RCIA Conference for Diocese of Jackson

    On June 28, Msgr. Clay conducted an all-day conference for the Diocese of Jackson, MS, on formation and catechesis during the Period of Evangelization and Precatechumenate. The conference focused on the importance of exploring the level of evangelization of inquirers as well as focusing on the kerygmatic dimensions of faith and conversion.


  • Dr. Miller Publishes Overview of Sacred Scripture in Catholicism.

    Dr. Miller Publishes Overview of Sacred Scripture in Catholicism. Dr. Robert Miller has published a contribution to the Inter-Faith Conference of Greater Washington’s publication Strengthening ...

  • Msgr McPartlan Chaired Work on New ITC Document

    The latest document from the International Theological Commission (ITC), 'Sensus Fidei in the Life of the Church', was published in June 2014. Msgr Paul McPartlan, Carl J. Peter Professor of Systematic Theology and Ecumenism at CUA, was president of the subcommission of the ITC which produced the document, working from 2011 to early 2014. Since his election in 2013, Pope Francis has given considerable emphasis to the sensus fidei (e.g. in Evangelii Gaudium, nn.119, 198), and the ITC document identifies the sensus fidei as 'a vital resource for the new evangelisation to which the Church is strongly committed in our time' (n.2). To see the document, follow this link:


  • Rev. Ford Receives Christian Unity Award

    Rev. John T. Ford, C.S.C., professor of theology and religious studies and coordinator of Hispanic/Latino Studies, received the Paul Wattson Christian Unity Award last week from the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement at the conclusion of the order’s 17th General Chapter Meeting in Washington, D.C. To read the full article, click here.


  • CUA Professors at International Roman Catholic-Disciples of Christ Dialogue

    CUA Professors at International Roman Catholic-Disciples of Christ Dialogue On June 14-19, Msgr. Michael Clay and Fr. Michael Witczak participated in the Fifth Phase of the International Dialogue wit...

  • Dr. Pecknold Appointed to ACCU

    Dr. Pecknold appointed to ACCU The Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities (ACCU) has appointed Dr. Pecknold as chair of their committee on Faculty Mission. The committee will be responsib...

  • Professor Robert Miller Co-Conducts Ecumenical Workshop

    Professor Robert Miller Co-Conducts Ecumenical Workshop for Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston TRS associate professor, Dr. Miller, and Professor Sarah H. Henrich of Luther Seminary conducted the annual ...

  • Rev. Alexopoulos Publishes New Article

    Rev. Alexopoulos Publishes New Article Rev. Stefanos Alexopoulos has published a new article called "PHOS CHRESTOU PHAINEI PASI: Evidence from Inscriptions” at the 5th International Congre...

  • Rev. Alexopoulos Publishes New Article

    Rev. Alexopoulos Publishes New Article Rev. Stefanos Alexopoulos has published an article titled “Imagined Liturgies: Modern Celebrations of the Liturgy of James in the Greek Orthodox Church,&r...

  • Dr. Pecknold Selected

    Dr. Pecknold Selected Dr. Pecknold has been selected to participate in "The Libertas Project", a Templeton Foundation workshop on religious freedom at Villanova University Law School, July ...

  • Dr. Pecknold Delivers Lecture

    Dr. Pecknold Delivers Lecture Dr. Pecknold delivered the lecture "Augustine on the Powers and Principalities" at the annual Pro Ecclesia conference held at Loyola University in Baltimore, M...

  • Dr. Pecknold Gives Address

    Dr. Pecknold addressed the Academy of Philosophy and Letters annual conference on the topic of "Augustine on Civil Religion" on June 7th, 2014.


  • Bereavement Notice

     +Rev. David Power, OMI, Professor Emeritus and former Chair of the Theology Department, passed away June 19, 2014. Funeral services were held Monday, June 23, 2014. Letters of condolence may be sent to Rev. James Flavin, OMI, Oblate Residence, 486 Chandler St., Tewksbury, Massachusetts 01876. For a full obituary, see here.


  • Msgr. Irwin Preaches Monastic Retreat

    During the week before the Solemnity of Pentecost Msgr. Irwin preached the annual retreat for the sixty monks of Conception Abbey, Conception, Mo. The theme for the conferences was "Liturgy and the Monastic Life." Pictured here is Msgr. Irwin (left) with Archbishop Jerome Hanus, former abbot of the abbey and former archbishop of Dubuque, Iowa (center) and Abbot Gregory Polan, present abbot of Conception. Among the things for which Conception abbey is noted is that they staff a college seminary, oversee The Printery House and that several monks serve in surrounding parishes. More recently Abbot Gregory has served as general editor of the revised Grail Psalter which will soon come into general use in the liturgy for the English speaking world. At Conception the monks have already revised their daily celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours in accord with the revised Psalter and set it to music.



  • CUA Professors in Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue

    From 2-4 June, CUA professors, Fr John Galvin and Msgr Paul McPartlan, together with emeritus professor, Fr Joseph Komonchak, took part in a meeting of the North American Orthodox-Catholic theological consultation at the St Methodios Faith and Heritage Center, Contoocook, New Hampshire. Msgr McPartlan delivered a paper analyzing recent statements on primacy in the Church from the patriarchates of Moscow and Constantinople, respectively, and Fr Komonchak delivered a paper on the idea of sacramental character.

  • Bereavement Notice

    Bereavement Notice It is with great sadness that we convey the passing of Professor Francis Gignac, S.J., of the Catholic University of America. Father Gignac was born in 1933, entered the Society of...

May 2014

April 2014

March 2014

  • Dean Morozowich Introduces Ambassadors at Capitol Hill Panel on Ukraine

    Very Rev. Mark Morozowich, dean of the School of Theology and Religious Studies, provided a short introduction to the ambassadors to the United States from Ukraine, Georgia, the Czech Republic, and Lithuania who participated in a panel discussion on “Russian Aggression: Exploring the Implications of Putin’s Annexation of Crimea” which took place on Thursday, March 27 at the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill.

    The discussion was co-hosted by the Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies and the School of Theology and Religious Studies.


  • Dr. Grabowski Presents Talk at St. Luke’s Institute

    On March 27, Dr. Grabowski presented a talk titled “Recent Catholic Teaching on Sex and Chastity: An Overview and Some Applications” at Saint Luke’s Institute in Silver Spring, Maryland. The talk provided an overview of significant developments in Catholic theology since the Second Vatican Council and their relevance for therapists working with clients on issues such as sexual fantasy, pornography use, and same sex attraction.


  • Dr. Grabowski Presents Talk on Temperance

    “Hungering and Thirsting of Holiness: Recovering Temperance as a Christian Virtue in a Culture of Excess.” Adult Faith Formation Lenten Presentation. St. Timothy Parish, Walkersville, MD, March 28, 2014. This talk examined temperance and its parts both as an acquired and an infused moral virtue and practices needed to develop it.


  • Dr. Lamontagne Elected to Society of Biblical Literature Post

    Dr. Nathan Lamontagne (Visiting Assistant Professor, Biblical Studies) has been elected Regional Coordinator of the Society of Biblical Literature’s Mid-Atlantic Region. Dr. Lamontagne’s three-year term will succeed Dr. Robert Miller’s tenure of the position.


  • Msgr. Irwin Named Bishops’ Conference Advisor

    This week the Chair of the USCCB Committee on Divine Worship, Bishop Arthur Serratelli, appointed Msgr. Kevin Irwin to a three year term as an advisor to the Divine Worship Committee. Msgr. Irwin served in that capacity in the mid to late 1990’s and from 2004 to the present.


  • Dr. Dinges Attends Workshop in Baltimore

    On March 8th Dr. William Dinges gave two workshop presentations on “The Catholic Call and the Environment” at the 35th Annual Baltimore Archdiocesan Social Ministry Convocation at Seton-Keough High School, Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Dinges also led two discussion groups at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Silver Spring, MD on March 2, 9, examining the moral, ethical, and environmental issues surrounding factory farming.


  • Rev. Regis Armstrong Attends Capuchin Committee

    Regis just returned from a week-and-a-half in Rome as part of an international committee of three of his Capuchin confreres representing Asia, Europe, and North American. Their challenge was to work in three languages to refine a translation of their newly updated Capuchin Constitutions recently approved by the Vatican.


  • Dr Ian Boxall Delivers a Lecture on the Book of Revelation

    Dr Ian Boxall delivered a lecture at the Smithsonian Associates on February 27th. The illustrated talk explored the origins of the Book of Revelation in the first century Roman world, its diverse impact on interpreters across the centuries, and its visual interpretation by a wide range of artists.


  • Burnford Defense

    Mr. Thomas Burnford presented his dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Ministry on Wednesday, March 26 at 3:30 pm in the Happel Room. His defense is titled "Baptismal Catechesis: Helping New Parents Develop Good Faith Practices."


  • STRS to Launch New Master of Catechesis Degree

    The School of Theology and Religious Studies is pleased to announce a new degree program, the Master of Catechesis (M.Cat.) that will launch this May.  The 30 semester credit hour program designed to prepare students to spread God’s word as practitioners in the field of catechesis will offer two tracks, on-site and online.  All students who enroll in the first semester will receive a 50 percent tuition discount.  Click here for more information.      


  • Vega Defense

    Ms. April Vega presented her dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy on Friday, March 28 in Caldwell 125 at 1pm. Her defense is titled "Popular Music in Evangelical Worship Services: Secularization and Sacralization."


  • Luft Defense

    Rev. Matthew Luft, O.S.B., presented his dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy on Wednesday, March 19 at 9:30 am in Caldwell 125. His defense is titled "The Proclamation of God’s Wonderful Works in the History of Salvation: The Approach of Robert Waznak, SS, to the Theology, Theory and Practice of the Liturgical Homily."


  • Msgr McPartlan Chaired Meeting in Rome

    On 24-25 February, 2014, Msgr Paul McPartlan chaired the meeting in Rome of a subcommission of the International Theological Commission. The meeting continued work on the topic of the sensus fidei in the life of the Church.


  • Msgr. Stephen Rossetti Teaches Live Online Class in Rome

    Msgr. Stephen Rossetti Teaches Live Online Class in Rome Msgr. Stephen J. Rossetti is a visiting professor at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome (PUG) this semester and is teaching a new cou...

  • Dean Morozowich’s Interview on Religious Response to Ukranian Crisis

    Very Rev. Morozowich, a priest of the Ukranian Eparchy of St. Josaphat in Parma, was interviewed on March 4 by Catholic News Agency on how religious groups are uniting to oppose Russia’s use of troops in Crimea. Read the full article here.


  • Dean Morozowich’s Interview on Religious Response to Ukranian Crisis

    Very Rev. Morozowich, a priest of the Ukranian Eparchy of St. Josaphat in Parma, was interviewed on March 4 by Catholic News Agency on how religious groups are uniting to oppose Russia’s use of troops in Crimea. Read the full article here.


February 2014

  • Dr. Grabowski Finishes Course at the Continuing Christian Development Institute

    Dr. Grabowski recently concluded teaching an adult education course for Continuing Christian Development Institute on “Ethical Issues Associate with the Beginning and End of Life” which met for four sessions in February (February 3, 10, 17, 24) at St. Luke’s Church in McLean, VA . The course dealt with basic theological perspectives and ethical principles that undergird Catholic bioethics as well as providing an overview of key issues at the beginning and end of human life.

  • Dr. Root Presents Paper on Catholic-Lutheran Relations

    Prof. Michael Root participated in the national Catholic-Lutheran dialogue Feb 20-23. The dialogue met at St. Paul’s College, Washington, DC, and continued work on its theme of “Teaching Ministries.” Root presented a paper on “Teaching Ministries in Ecumenical Dialogues.” The dialogue will meet again in October of this year.

  • Msgr. Irwin speaks at Rome Symposium on the Liturgy

    From Tues. Feb. 18th to Thursday Feb. 21st The Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship is ponsored a Symposium held at the Lateran University (Rome) to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the promulgation of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy at Vatican II. On the first afternoon of the symposium Msgr. Kevin Irwin gave a main address on “The Theological Keys of Sacrosanctum Concilium, nn. 1-13.”

  • Dr. Grabowski Publishes Essay

    John S. Grabowski published an essay titled “Sex and the City of God: Exploring the Connection Between Sex and Life Issues” in The Crozier 1, no.1 (2014): 4-8. Building on the teaching of Pope Francis, the essay considers the interconnection of issues of sexual difference, sexual activity, with life issues.

  • Dr. Dinges Publishes new article

     Dr. William Dinges has recently published an article with Ilia Delio, OSF, on “Teilhard de Chardin and the New Spirituality.” In Ilia Delio, OSF, ed. From Teilhard to Omega: Co-creating an Unfinished Universe. MaryKnoll, NY: Orbis Books, 2014, pp. 166-183.


  • Rev. Dr. Serra Delivers Paper at NAAL

    On January 4, 2014, Rev. Dr. Dominic Serra delivered a paper titled “The Purpose of the Baptismal Scrutinies; Catechesis, Exorcism, or Interrogation: The Earliest Evidence" at the Problems in the Early History of the Liturgy Seminar.  The seminar was located at the North American Academy of Liturgy, Orlando, FL .


  • Fr. Lombardo Presents Paper at Durham University

    On Tuesday February 11, Fr. Nicholas Lombardo presented a paper on “Original Sin, Evolution, and Death” at Durham University. The paper was given for the Catholic Theology Research Seminar organized by Durham’s Centre for Catholic Studies. It looked at the theology of original sin in the light of evolution and modern science.


  • Msgr. Irwin's Book Launched in Rome

    On Monday Feb 17th Msgr. Irwin was the guest of honor at pranzo ( lunch) at the Ateneo of Sant Anselmo in Rome which was followed by a reception for faculty members and guests to toast his latest book What We Have Done, What We Have Failed To Do. Pictured here are the Prior of Sant Anselmo, Fr. Elias Lorenzo, OSB and the Rector Magnificus of the Ateneo Rev. Juan Javier Flores OSB.

  • Msgr. Stephen J. Rossetti Briefs Bishops and Priests in South Africa

    Msgr. Stephen J. Rossetti went to South Africa to speak to the priests and bishops of the South African Catholic Bishops Conference (SACBC) from January 15-29. He addressed the priests of the Diocese of Cape Town, led a sabbatical group in Durban, and also led a day for the priests of Johannesburg. He also addressed the subject of priest wellness with the bishops of the SACBC which includes South Africa, Swaziland and Botswana. His day long presentation and discussion was held in Swaziland. The Bishops are interested in assisting their priests in living happy and holy lives and discussed with Msgr. Rossetti options for the future.

  • STRS Very Rev. Mark Morozowich Serves as Guest on EWTN Live

    Very Rev. Mark Morozowich, dean of the School of Theology and Religious Studies, served as special guest on EWTN Live with Fr. Mitch Pacwa on their February 5th broadcast. Dean Morozowich provided valuable insight on the Ukrainian Catholic Church’s history, practices and modern day challenges facing Eastern Catholics.

  • Msgr. McPartlan Speaking at Georgetown

    On 29 January 2014, Msgr Paul McPartlan gave a lecture at Georgetown University on 'Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue: Achievements and Issues'. The event was organized by the Orthodox Christian Fellowship at Georgetown.

  • Rev. Alexopoulos Presents Research at the NAAL

    Rev. Alexopoulos presented a talk titled "Inscriptions as a Liturgical Source: The Case of the Parthenon” at the North American Academy of Liturgy, Orlando, FL, 3 January, 2014.

January 2014

  • Dr. Benson Publishes Essay

    Dr. Benson has published The Christology of the Breviloquium, in A Companion to Bonaventure, published by Brill. The Companion is the first attempt since 1974 at a comprehensive introduction to Bonaventure's theological thought. Dr. Benson's essay is also the first such essay to exam the Breviloquium's Christological structure."


  • Dr. Root Presents Talk at St. Thomas

    On January 21, Michael Root gave the second annual Christian Unity lecture on the campus of the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN, sponsored by the School of Divinity of St. Paul Seminary and the Archdiocese of St. Paul. The lecture was entitled: “Catholic Ecumenism after the Ecumenical Movement Stops Moving.” The lecture explored the basis and shape of a ‘normal’ Catholic ecumenism that can undergird an ecumenical commitment even when ecumenical expectations are low.

  • Dr. Bosworth Publishes New Article

    Dr. David Bosworth published "Daughter Zion and Weeping in Lamentations 1–2" in the current issue of Journal for the Study of the Old Testament. The article examines the personification of Jerusalem as the mother of the community and her tears in Lamentations cluster around the theme of the death of her children.


  • Msgr. Irwin Speaks at Southwest Liturgical Conference

    On Thursday January 23rd Msgr. Kevin Irwin delivered a keynote address at the 52nd annual meeting of the Southwest Liturgical Conference, entitled "Liturgy From the Inside: Deepening the Conversation." On Friday January 24th he gave a workshop on preaching to priests and deacons. The Southwest Liturgical Conference is an organization comprising the twenty seven dioceses in the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and Wyoming. It was founded before the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy was promulgated at Vatican II and is the oldest liturgical organization in the United States.

  • Olsen Defense

    Ms. Kristina Olsen presented her dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy on Friday, January 31, 2014 at 2:00 pm in Caldwell 125. Her defense is titled Work in the Spirituality of Teresa of Avila


  • New document from the ITC

     On 16 January 2014, the latest document from the International Theological Commission, of which Msgr Paul McPartlan is a member, was published. It is entitled, God the Trinity and the unity of humanity: Christian monotheism and its opposition to violence. Tackling a major issue of current debate, the document, which was finalized at the ITC plenary meeting in Rome in December 2013, responds to the thesis that there is an intrinsic link between monotheism and violence, and firmly argues that 'inter-religious wars and also wars in the name of religion are simply senseless'. The original text is in Italian, and full translations into other languages will follow. Meanwhile, an English outline is available.

  • CUA Faculty and alums participate in annual meeting of the North American Academy of Liturgy

    Dr. Margaret Mary Kelleher, OSU, joined a panel of colleagues in reflecting on the life and ministry of the late world-renowned liturgical scholar Fr. Anscar Chupungco, OSB, in the light of the fifty years since the promulgation of the Constitution of the Sacred Liturgy and the fortieth meeting of the NAAL. Dr. Kelleher had served as colleague of Chupungco in the work of the International Commission on English in the Liturgy. Alumnus Fr. Don LaSalle, SMM, was elected Vice President of the NAAL. A number of faculty and alumni were present at the meeting in various roles. Faculty members present included Dean Mark Morozowicz, liturgy area director Rev. Dr. Dominic Serra, former Dean Msgr. Kevin Irwin, Dr. Margaret Schreiber, OP, and recently hired Rev. Dr. Stefanos Alexopoulos. Former faculty member Fr. Gerard Austin, OP, was also present, along with some recent instructors at CUA, including Dr. Katharine Harmon and Fr. Daniel Merz. Alums present included Dr. Catherine Vincie, RSHM, Dr. Judith Kubicki, CSSF, Dr. Steven Wilbricht, CSC, Dr. Gabriel Pivarnik, OP, Dr. James Donohue, CR, Dr. Mark Wedig, OP, Dr. Patricia Parachini, SNJM, Dr. Janet Walton, SNJM, and Dr. Richard McCarron, who also edits the Proceedings of the NAAL. Current doctoral student Lisa Weaver was also in attendance as a first time visitor. Alumnus Fr. George Nursey was part of the local committee for the meeting and provided help in a variety of ways both before, during, and after the meeting.

  • Liturgy Associate Professor Michael Witczak completes his term as President of the North American Academy of Liturgy

    Faculty member Rev. Dr. Michael Witczak completed his year as president of the North American Academy of Liturgy (NAAL), meeting in Orlando, Florida, from January 2-5, 2014. During the meeting, he presided at the opening worship, at the annual business meeting, and over the Berakah Award ceremony, honoring Franciscan Father Gil Ostdiek for a lifetime of service to the Academy.

  • Fr. Witczak Teaches in Diocesan Certificate Program

    Fr. Michael Witczak gave a series of presentations for the Diocese of Las Vegas at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish for participants in a certificate program in liturgical studies. On Friday, January 10, 2014, he spoke on “The History of the Order of Mass,” and on Saturday, January, 11, 2014, he spoke on “The Order of Mass, Part 1: The Entrance Rites and the Liturgy of the Word,” and on “The Order of Mass, Part 2: The Liturgy of the Eucharist and the Concluding Rite.”

  • Fr Lombardo gives papers at conferences in Taiwan and China

    In December, Fr Nicholas Lombardo participated in conferences at Fu Jen University (Taipei), East China Normal University (Shanghai), Fudan University (Shanghai), and Xi’an Jiaotong University (Xi’an). At the conferences, which were organized in collaboration with CUA’s Center for Research in Values and Philosophy, he gave papers on philosophical concepts and cross-cultural communication, the metaphysics of desire, and globalization and boredom.

  • TRS Faculty Members Participate in New Ecumenical Dialogue Commission

    Rev. Michael Witczak, associate professor of liturgical studies, and Msgr. Michael Clay, clinical assistant professor of pastoral studies, have been appointed by the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity as members of the Roman Catholic team for dialogue with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The commission met January 8-12 in Nashville, TN to begin a five-year discussion around the topic: "Christians: Formed and Transformed by the Eucharist."

  • Dr. Benson Gave Lecture on St. Francis

    On January 13, 2014 Dr. Benson gave a short lecture to the John Carroll Society on St. Francis. The presentation included a discussion Francis's life and the artwork in the Basilica of St. Francis.


  • Dr. Lantigua Presented Paper

    Dr. Lantigua presented a paper at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Society of Christian Ethics held between January 9-12 in Seattle. The paper was entitled, "The Image of God, Rights Talk, and the School of Salamanca."


  • Rev. Alexopoulos Has Published an Article on Converts to the Orthodox Church

    “Accepting Adult Converts in the Orthodox Church: Theory and Practice” in Hans-Jürgen Feulner (ed.), Liturgies in East and West: Ecumenical Relevance of Early Liturgical Development. Austrian Studies of Liturgy and Sacramental Theology (Vienna: LIT-Verlag 2013) 19-32.


  • Dean Morozowich Interviewed by Catholic News Services

    The Very Reverend Mark Morozowich was interviewed by the Catholic News Service and gave his thoughts on the church in 2013 and predictions for the church in 2014. For the videos and reflections, please click here.

  • Rev. Alexopoulos has Published an Article on the Typikon in the Codico-Liturgical Method

    “The Place of the Typikon in the Codico-Liturgical Method” in Klaas Spronk, Gerard Rouwhorst, Stefan Royé (eds.) A Catalogue of Byzantine Manuscripts in their Liturgical Context: Challenges and Perspectives. Collected Papers resulting from the expert meeting of the Catalogue of Byzantine Manuscripts programme held at the PThU in Kampen, the Netherlands on 6th-7th November 2009 (CBM-Subsidia 1) (Turnhout: Brepols Publishers, 2013) 25-33.

  • Rev. Alexopoulos has Published an Article on Byzantine Manuscripts

    “The Necessity and Challenges of a Liturgical Series in the Catalogue of Byzantine Manuscripts” in Klaas Spronk, Gerard Rouwhorst, Stefan Royé (eds.) A Catalogue of Byzantine Manuscripts in their Liturgical Context: Challenges and Perspectives. Collected Papers resulting from the expert meeting of the Catalogue of Byzantine Manuscripts programme held at the PThU in Kampen, the Netherlands on 6th-7th November 2009 (CBM-Subsidia 1) (Turnhout: Brepols Publishers, 2013) 273-279, co-authored with the late Rev. Dr. Demetrios Tzerpos.

  • Msgr. Stephen Rossetti Preaches Retreat to Bishops of Region VIII

    Msgr Stephen J. Rossetti was invited by and preached a retreat to the Catholic Bishops of Region VIII which includes Minnesota plus North and South Dakota. The retreat was held at the Mater Dolorosa Passionist Retreat House in California January 4-10, 2014. The retreat was entitled: "A Catholic Spirituality for a Secular Age." This is the fifth bishops' retreat Msgr. Rossetti has preached.

  • Msgr. Irwin Addresses National Convention

    On Wednesday Jan. 8th Msgr. Kevin Irwin gave an address to the Roman Catholic Cathedral Musicians Annual Convention in Washington D.C. on the topic “The Theology of Hymns and Hymns in the Liturgy.” The talk was followed by a wide ranging discussion among musicians from across the USA and Oceania.

  • Dr. Boxall has made a contribution to the Oxford Encyclopedia of Biblical Interpretation

    Dr. Ian Boxall has contributed an article to the recently-published Oxford Encyclopedia of Biblical Interpretation (ed. Steven L. McKenzie, Oxford University Press 2013). His article, on “Reception Theory/Criticism”, was co-authored with Professor Christopher Rowland of Oxford University.

  • Alumnus Publishes Doctoral Dissertation

    Alum Brendan Sammon has published his doctoral dissertation The God Who is Beauty: Beauty as a Divine Name in Thomas Aquinas and Dionysius the Areopagite, which examines both the historical development of beauty’s appropriation as a name for God in Dionysius and Thomas, and the various contours of what it means. As a phenomenon of inquiry, beauty proves itself to be enigmatic and elusive to even the sharpest intellects in the Greek philosophical tradition. When it is absorbed within the Christian theological synthesis, however, its enigmatic content proves to be a powerful resource for theological reasoning.

  • Msgr. Stephen Rossetti Publishes Article on Priesthood in America Magazine

    Msgr. Stephen J. Rossetti's article, "The First Five Years: How the Church Can Support Young Priests in a Secular Age" was published in America Magazine, Vol 210(1) January 6-13, 2014, pp. 15-18. In the article, Msgr. Rossetti focuses on two current trends: secularization and decreasing numbers of priests as challenges for the young priests of today. He goes on to discuss important ways to help them meet these challenges and thus to succeed and thrive in priesthood today.