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Should this page be unable to answer any of your questions regarding the disseration process, please contact your faculty advisor.

 How To



  • Dissertation topic and committee approval form This form is to be completed to request approval of the doctoral dissertation topic and committee. When downloading this form from the website please be sure to print the Instructions for Preparing the Proposal on the back side of the approval form. The proposal, attachments and "Request for Approval" form must by typed. Consult the Instructions for specific information regarding preparation of the proposal.
  • Dissertation Committee Change This form must be completed if there is any change in committee member. The form will supercede the original topic and committee approval form.
  • Oral exam request form This form must be completed when the candidate's major professor and the other members of the committee have completed their reading of the dissertation and have given written permission for it to be presented in the final oral examination for the doctorate. There are two pages to this form; the second page contains guidelines that must be followed in conjunction with completion of the oral examination request form. Please print this copy!
  • Dissertation Title Change Form This form must be completed when the candidate needs to change, for whatever reason, the title of the dissertation. Unless this form is completed, signed, and sent to the Office of the Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies, the original title will be considered final.
  • Confidential Report of the Secretary of the Board on Oral Examination for the Doctorate This form must be completed by the Secretary of the doctoral candidate's Board at the time of the oral examination. Two votes are taken, a preliminary vote of the major examiners, and a final vote of the examining board. Please be sure to print out the second page of the form (preferably on the reverse side of the confidential report because it contains directions for conducting the final examination for the doctorate.